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  1. Well thanks so much everyone, you have all been a great help - before I go to sort it in store tomorrow can I clarify with you: a) Do I need to take the TV & Bose system back to store (I borrowed an estate car to collect the goods) or can I insist Comet collect from my house? b) Are you saying I shouldn't have been told to ring Samsung direct, it was up to Comet to sort it. c) Is this 72 hour thing something he has made up? d) If he refuses to credit me straightaway do I then contact Head Office e) Does the fact I no longer have the original packaging make any difference at all to my claim?
  2. We paid by credit card. Can I literally take both TV & Bose system back to Comet in the car and ask for a refund there and then? I didnt want to go down the road of bringing Samsung into it if I wasnt going to accept a replacement TV anyway. Thanks for quick reply, I am a bit anxious about making a fuss in the shop - the 72 hour time limit reply puzzled me a bit also, is that something just off the top of his head?
  3. Just over 1 week ago I bought a Samsung TV from Comet. I also said we were interested in a soundbar for a better sound system as we didnt want wires to speakers all over the room. The salesman told us the better option would be to buy the Bose Companion 3 system, which has 2 small speakers that stand at the side of the TV. (there was one on display actually connected to the TV) So, we spent a total of over £1800. At the till, just before paying the assistant tried to give us the hard sell about an extra 4 year warranty for about £400 but we declined. We messed around setting everything up and yesterday noticed we have a vertical yellow line going down the whole length of the TV screen - on the Comet website the reviews for my particular TV mentioned this same fault and the reviewer had to have his TV replaced. I went into Comet today, the assistant didnt seem at all surprised at this problem - it was known to him (Well why sell me the TV!!!) and said if it had been within 72 hours of purchase he could have done something but because it was over that time I would have to arrange for a Samsung engineer to come out, who would in all probability exchange the TV. He also managed to get the comment in that if this had happened over 12 months later we would have been sorry we didnt take out the extra warranty Before phoning Samsung I wanted to do a little checking around as my second problem is that I suspect the Bose system I have been sold is a system for computer speakers, not for TV's. When googling this problem online I find this is indeed the case, other people have been sold this system as a TV surround sound and when they complained to Comet they were told the Bose is marketed as a multimedia system so therefore that covers TVs. On Bose's own website they talk about this system as computer speakers. I am now feeling rather aggrieved and would rather have a refund on both products, the TV as faulty and the Bose as not sold for what I wanted it for. Am I entitled to one as the products are under 28 days old? Can I now insist on a refund by speaking to Comet? Surely if I phone Samsung direct they might well send a replacement TV but they won't give a refund themselves? I paid by credit card - unfortunately I have disposed of both boxes they came in (It was a 46" TV after all) Thank you in advance
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