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  1. Just to follow up, spoke to Admiral and explained what had happened. They took the Privilege Policy number, said it was fine and my NCB would stay at two years. Very helpful customer service.
  2. Privilege sent the renewal notice, Admiral are the new insurers. The claim was made with Quinn.
  3. Sorry I should have been clearer. The claim was made on a policy back in 2010. Since then there have been two more policies, one with the same named driver who had the claim against their name and then one on my own which just expired (without the claim). Technically with the claim now rightfully against my name, I should have two years NCB, except my renewal notice says 6 as explained above. The new proposal has all the information on it so do I try and explain the mistake, or not send off the renewal notice and let my NCB reset and premium go up?
  4. I recently took out a new insurance policy after finding a cheaper deal with a new company and as I was going through the process over the phone it came up that a claim had been made on my policy back in March 2010 on a different car. I was the main driver at the time but the claim for £150 was made by one of the named drivers on the policy. I was naive regarding the No Claims Bonus and assumed that as I wasn't driving when the claim happened, I didn't need to put it on my own policy. I also honestly thought that an NCB was valid for as long as you had been driving without a claim, regardless of whether you were the main driver or not. For that reason, I put down 5 years on last year's policy, which came through on my renewal notice as 6 (how long I've been driving). When I set up the old policy last year, the claim wasn't brought up by the old insurance company so I didn't even think about it or realise I had to to include it under my name. Now the new company need to see my proof of NCB (the renewal notice) but the info on it doesn't match my new correct policy, which has 2 years NCB and the claim included. Basically, what will happen when I send in the proof of NCB? I cannot stress enough how much the error was an honest mistake.
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