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  1. Thank you Ros1609. So, for however long the person is out of work and no money is being collected by the CSA a cost will be accruing that will have to be paid? How would that be calculated? Also will the ex partner still be receiving a payment through the CSA or does that payment entirely depend on what is coming in from the person who has been paying the CSA until they lost their job?
  2. Thank you Ros1609. I wonder if I could ask a further question. If the person paying child support is not receiving an income and gets no benefits because the new partner is supporting them does the ex partner, who used to get payment via the CSA still get those payments? As you may be able to tell this is all new to me!
  3. If person A goes to live with a person B who pays for children through the CSA and person B then becomes unemployed but is not entitled to any support because of the living together rules and person A's income, what of the person A's income and capital have to be declared to the CSA? I hope this makes sense and someone can help. Thank you.
  4. I think quite a few of the comments on this thread pander to exactly what the government wants; to set one part of the polutation against another part. If you can identify yourself with the "strivers" or "hard working family" and are constantly told it is those who do not fall into this catagory who are the reason why the country is failing, gradually more and more people will be influence by this - it has happened before. I too think we needed to make cuts and we almost certainly, after 60+ years needed to overhaul the benefits system. However, it is our benefits system and, other than saying
  5. This is all so wrong. Is there a way of petitioning for all of these interviews to be recorded?
  6. I agree it's not easy. I am not looking forward to the future at all.
  7. I can see what you are saying about the online bit and they will have to be prepared to support people (bet that pushes the budget up). I will have to do my very elderly mother's - she get's £7 a week for a benefit the kind lady who helped me fill in her care cost forms found. She is always right on the edge of benefits. I am sure many without relatives to help will think this is not worthwhile but my mother is lucky as I have POA for her and will therefore make sure she gets it. Council tax will still be done separately I presume and not on line. However, many people can use computers an
  8. I am new to this board and have just read my way through this thread. Shall I give up now? Is there nothing good about the Universal Credit? Isn't being able to go on line and put everything in and then get all you are entitled too without missing out on anything a good thing? I noticed a couple of comments about the ringfencing of benefits for pensioners. Two things occur to me to support this. One is that it is extremely difficult, as pensioners get older, for them to increase their income - I know they are not the only people in this position but they are the most easy to put in a
  9. My fault for asking the question at the same time as asking what the letter is about. No (huge sighs) it doesn't state IUC so just a basic interview then. My anxiety levels have come down a bit from when I first read it but up 'til now everyone has been very helpful, even coming out to see me at home, finding more money for my mum, etc., so this was a shock. I am just glad you are here to help. I feel such a wimp and would really like to just go an hide under the duvet. It seems to me that some of the most complex systems are expected to be used by people when in their most vunerable and
  10. Thank you for your reply - I am terrified. I cannot think what I may have done wrong. Doesn't it have to say in the letter if it is going to be "under caution"? Or does the "request that you attend my offices for interview" cover them. Where do I find a solicitor - how am I supposed to pay them? edited: sorry to throw questions at you.
  11. I'm new too and have revived this thread because I too have received a letter from my council. It doesn't seem as scary as the one quoted above; no mention of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and no mention of Council Tax Benefit Fraud but it does ask me in "for interview ... to discuss your claim". I have recently returned my accounts for my business (as I do every year) and also told them I have reduced my working hours which has reduced my Working Tax Credit but there is no hint of what they want to talk about and the word "interview" rather than "meeting" is frightening. Could anyon
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