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  1. Hi, new here and first post so be gentle I have been on A4e for a few months and haven't had much luck with getting a job. However i've still always turned up to every single appointment and job search they have given me. So it was a surprise that i got a letter saying i have a doubt against my claim for missing a job search appointment on the 3rd of September. Reading the letter it said i was informed on the 28/8/2012 of the appointment. Now this is false, i did have to see my advisor but she didn't tell me about the appointment, the only thing she handed me was my letter telling me of the next one-to-one. What's worrying me is how can i prove they didn't contact me? To be fair my advisor wrote me a letter saying i have never missed a session before and i included that in the evidence i supplied to the DMA but i'm still worried. I haven't had the decision yet but i really can't afford any sanction and have hardly slept. Anyone have any similar stories of being told about appointments when they didn't? Any help is appreciated.
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