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  1. They have replyed back and offered me a full and final payment of £150.00 to close the account!
  2. I have 2 payday loans due on Friday and i can afford to pay them????? What do i do? I have payday express £193.50 and Wonga £536.79......
  3. Thanks i have sent a response to this, this morning
  4. I have done this today and this is the reply: The breakdown is £80.50 from the loan you took £971.50 in charges for credit total amount is £1052.00 this is in line with the credit agreement you made with the company for further information on this check the T&C of the agreement you have entered.
  5. I stupidly took out a £100 mini credit loan and was not able to pay this back. I received a letter & email from OPOS Ltd asking for £1052 to pay all the interest and charges ASAP. I can not pay this back and asked if i could set up a payment plan this is the response. There are 3 payment options that are available depending on what you can afford, the first is 6 months interest free to clear the balance at £175.33 a month or 12 months interest free at £87.67 a month or if you are able to raise the funds I could accept a settlement of £789 as full and final this would ideally be paid
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