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  1. Thank you for your reply, I can't find an answer anywhere on line even though I've spent most of the day trawling through countless sites. I think I might need to go and make an appointment with jobcentre locally and get some answers before I actually change jobs. It has been mentioned that I would only need to inform tax credits that my hours of work have changed from 30 to 20, and due to higher wage it will not make much difference to annual pay. I'm going around in circles and I need someone to say it as it is, enabling me to make informed decisions when and if the time arises. Thank you
  2. I currently work in education and get paid pro-rata, even though I work term-time only. I am looking for similar work closer to home to cut out travelling costs and if I am successful would be due to start in September 2017. In a regular job I would give a month's notice and go straight to a new job in September, because of working in education my last physical day at work would be mid July, I would be paid for at the end of July and I would expect any holiday pay owing etc and a P45 at the end of August. Is this correct, or in the HMRC's eyes do I become unemployed end of July and lose my tax credits for the summer weeks and have to renew a claim in September for tax credits. Tried ringing the tax credits but they were a bit unhelpful, with not really understanding the nature of term time working etc. I'm worried that I could be with no tax credits over the summer, and a new claim would mean I go on Universal Credit. Please advise
  3. Thank you all for your help, your advice has been invaluable to me. I will send them a copy of your letter tomorrow and hopefully I'll hear from them no more. Thank you again
  4. In response to your last thread i decided not to send the statute barred letter to dlc for the time being in case i kicked a hornets nest. I have now received a letter from Halifax saying that they have looked into it with the following reply... ' I have been in contact with our Mortgage Recoveries team in relation to this matter and I have received confirmation that DLC are working on our behalf. The MR Team have confirmed that you made a payment of £2000.00 in October 1998 which settled your liability. However, they have instructed DLC to pursue Mr (ex boyfriend) for the remaining £12,448.84' They then go on to tell me to contact DCL for further queries or if i remain unhappy to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. I am confused as they seem to accept the fact that i have settled my liabilty with them, but DLC are sending letters to me wanting the rest paid. Not sure what i should do i.e get solicitor's help, Financial Ombudsman, ignore? it is not in my nature to sweep things under the carpet, as I will always be waiting for the next letter. Just want a line drawn under it once and for all. Can you advise please.
  5. Do you suggest i send them a letter drafted from various templates i have found on here or is that just entering into a battle field. Rang Halifax today and they have now escalated it to their legal department as a complaint. I just don't want this coming up again in years to come. Thank you so much for your quick advice, i have been so worried. jelizdavies
  6. I received a letter last week from a debt collection agency (dlc) demanding payment on an outstanding debt. Their client is Halifax. I bought a house in the mid 90's with my ex-partner and after a relationship breakdown the house was repossesed in 1998. At the time i paid around 2,ooo to settle the debt owing and the halifax accepted this. My ex-partner paid nothing. This happened about 14 years ago and i have kept no paperwork or anything pertaining to this mortgage. To now receive this letter demanding around 12K has got me in a complete panic... i rang the halifax and arranged to go and see them, they have now raised a complaint on my behalf, and when i rang the debt collectors for more information i was told that they had aquired the debt from Halifax on the 21/06/2012, and it had taken them until now to find me. They were a little bemused when i informed them the house was repossessed in the 90's and they then confirmed it was 14 years ago in 1998. They have now also started an investigation. having spent the weekend reading this forum and other information on the internet i believe this is statute barred and this debt should not have been sold to the debt agency. I have an excellent credit rating (experian) and as far as i know never had a ccj against me. I have credit cards and only been refused once for a loan after changing back to my maiden name after a divorce and a poor credit rating due to ex-husband being on all household bills etc. I have been told by the halifax on saturday that a re-payment plan was put in place at the time of the repossession but i have no knowledge of this at all. i would have remembered and my ex-husband certainly would. Please help as i don't know what to do know, i have been told both by halifax and the debt collectors this could take up to 8 weeks to be resolved and even then it may not be in my favour. I am a single parent, working full time with two young children struggling to stay afloat as it is. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
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