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  1. Thanks for that - mega informaton to process! I've filed my AOS stating I intend to defend the claim in full and will send the CPR 31.14 Request letter to the Claimant tomorrow. This credit card was taken out in 2001 and I note a lot of people rely on unenforceability issues as a Defence, although this seems to be less reliable currently. On the basis that they firstly appear to have acted against the OFT guidelines in several ways, secondly in my opinion the LBA was non compliant as the Practice Direction states that court proceedings should only be a last resort if all attempt
  2. Hi 42man, I set up a standing order to continue making the payments to MBNA. It took me a few months to realise that the money was being returned to my account some 10 days or so after the payment date. By that time, I had received the letter from IDR / Link stating I shouldn't make any further payments to MBNA so I didn't do anything else about it. I had also been advised by Link that they now owned the debt and it no longer had anything to do with MBNA!
  3. Hi all, I'm new to the CAG and also forums in general, so please bear with me! I've been finding a lot of useful information over numerous threads, but was wondering if anyone could offer any case specific advice. In early 2011 I fell into arrears on an MBNA credit card after they increased interest rates, meaning that the minimum monthly payment nearly doubled. Due to personal circumstances I was unable to meet the new monthly payments and continued to pay £75 per month, as previously. However, I contacted MBNA and provided them with details of my income and expend
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