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  1. Update..... Sent CCA request on 14th feb got nothing back so far [got proof of postage], Mediation never heard from them, Received letter saying Case will be heard at local Court, but will be struck unless Court Fee is paid by 19th of March, which i find weird thought that to start ball rolling ,they would have had to pay the fee upfront before any Court got involved
  2. oh yes nearly forgot Friday had letter offering a Tomlin Order,now used for lining cat tray
  3. Sorry for Late reply Dx yes i have, also sent last week to the Courts Argos statements, showing continued added Charge plus proof still paying , one thing did notice was name Lowells Portfolio 1, letters i had from them 4 yrs ago did not have the number 1,just Lowell Portfolio.... What i did find interesting though, was Fredrickson also sent me letters etc, yet found out today they are part of Lowell group, so wonder how many times it has been past and bumped up between them
  4. Well thanks DX, whilst i dont dispute the debt , it was basics of it, as for block text try doing it on a mobile like that was ,now on laptop! Lowell warned for not completeing mediation forms on time,Judge gave them extra 7 days,with threat of striking claim out Advice looking for should Lowells be calling while waiting for mediation hearing date is answer i am looking for, looked on net could not find answer, hence why post
  5. Ok first of hi to CAG again,been looking and passing site on to theres with problems for advice,anyway new problem ,well advice really..... Back in 2012 had a argos card, everything fine until one month forgot to make a payment, hounded by relentless calls but continued paying until noticed that the £12 charged levied for the miss payment [which i do not dispute my fault] a new one was being added for the next 2 months, along with 4 calls a day, i called them told them to stop the calls as was still paying above the min amount, to be told until i made a dual p
  6. 2yrs ago my x partner had a problem with them say that she owed £3k as an overpayment,what i will say is watch what you get on appeal with evidence !! it ended up costing us a small amount which i think they should repay for getting replacement Divorce papers i mean who keeps them after 25yrs! anyway there basis was house i was there and i owned a house which i had a £65k mortgage on that basic but not implying i was living in and renting to her, basic the do a credit check and low and behold who ever owns that property you may be renting shows the purchase price,it took getting a copy from t
  7. hi all thought best keep you all updated, have seen the solictor, he was not to impressed, also is not happy that the ploice or CPS have not sent the photos or the tape recording of interview and seem to be stalling, also he will know at a later date theres a possibilty that the case is being pushed back as in his words"not serious enough" lol ,fun thing about all this 3 days later Marstons got sons correct address and wrote to him [they didnt get address from me] incident happened on Friday he got letter Tuesday morning. well events turned out to day had a cal
  8. right click white speaker icon ,select playback ,select speakers a s default,then maybe if it applies go to properties on speakers dolby tab if theres a check box check it and apply
  9. update case goes to trial 7th feb 2013 will update then ,but since finding this site i appreciate everyones input and have recommended it for advice to others,even for matters not regarding Baliffs...top site:wink:
  10. helped me understand bit more ,plus till posted that could not post links til 30+ posts:jaw:
  11. will also add this may help people undertandings of Certain Types Baliffs they may not or may be involved with
  12. Now as having a nose on Baliff laws and came across this site now as i cannot add links yet,will paste it in ,what came across as strange ,was this bit now it may only apply to fines: so any input from the good guys here lol will be interesting "Astonishingly, the majority of people who have contacted us over the years have never been shown a Certificate; instead they are shown a simple Identity Card. This does not give him authority to levy on goods. " heres the rest : ALL ABOUT BAILIFFS. Bailiffs have been around for
  13. Even i as a cab driver every 3 yrs have to apply and pay a lovely sum of £45 to have a Enhanced disclosure done,as my job is classfied as handling monies and work with Vulnerable People Children included,it took me nearly a Court Case as after passing test twice i was again refused due to the fact 10yr periously i had been done for Driving whilst disqualified and recieved 6 months in prison,even though reason i drove and argued was fact i had been given a copy of the Court register and some how clerk had put dates in wrong boxes and it showed i could drive again so waited 2 weeks applied f
  14. if he is unemployed, is he recieving any form of benefit?as long as he has no other deductions on his benefit,then the Council can ask for the deductions from it under the liability order it hink it £5.95 pw not 100% sure,as for his state of mind he sounds very much in a breakdown mode,get him to his Dr's,been there not pleasant,even with way everything feels try telling him to look in a mirror and start smiling ,when things go tits up for me,and things get bad,ask your self are they really that bad,theres people across that water that have it a lot worse and no hope,my problems dont seem
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