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  1. Hi My concern is not too much about him selling me an instructor car but about how poor the repair to the floor is and i am not looking for my full money back as the car does seem to drive fine but i am only looking for compensation in order to repair the carpet back to a factory standard. Which part of the soga i will be using i dont know im leaving that to trading standards to decide they are now taking care of it
  2. Hi Guys i was hoping to find some answers here but i could only find the rights i had and not what i can do about them. Today i met with a friend who used to work for trading standards and he has got me in contact with an old colleague of his who is now looking into this. I will keep this thread updated for future reference for anybody else
  3. As mentioned in the title i had purchased this car on 16/09/12 with my son. The car is a fiesta 2009 1.6 tdci and all seemed well besides a few scratches to which the salesman knocked £200 off for. All was well until today i took the car to my garage for a full valet which was then i realised that there was a patch of carpet glued over a hole on the passenger side. I then lifted the carpet and to my horror i had then seen holes for which dual controls would have gone. I then also noticed a clean scratch free square shape on the roof where the learner sign would have been. When purchasing the car i had asked the garage who owned the car and they said it was company vehicle hence the higher mileage and on the logbook was the name of a company of which sells and hires cars. I was NOT told it was a driving instructor car at the time. I contacted the garage today and the seller has refused any wrong doing despite him admitting that he knew it was instructors and didnt tell me and refuses to refund my money or even give some compensation:mad2:. Please tell me what are my rights on this and how would i go about them? Thank You
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