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  1. Well I have received my breakdown !!! Lets just say do not trust Barclaycard !! just started going through and only on first page and out of 25 dates there is 17 that is wrong its amazing how the balance is correct but the PPI payment is wrong the interest rate is wrong I am amazed because so far these are the numbers from the statements I sent them so whoever entered my details on to their systems is not very good or just plain stupid !!! Rest assured I have sent a very strong worded E Mail to the nice lady I spoke to in the CEO office on friday telling them to re look into the information I sent them and recalculate . So anybody who has had a refund from Barclays and they have had to estimate some payments ask for a full and detailed breakdown and don't take the "sorry we don't give them" answer Just goes to show still cant trust the banks !!!
  2. hehe well we will see just hope they dont ask me for the 10K back :/
  3. Quick up date Phoned the FOS and explained that Barclays will not give me a full breakdown and they confirmed that if I request one I can have one and said they would ring Barclays and tell them to send me one I got a email from the FOS saying that Barclays will in fact send me all details or each monthly payment and interest rate and so on and a full breakdown on how they came to work out my offer but they have said it will take a long time for them to find all the information. Makes you think why is it going to take them a long time to find all the info it they have already used this to work out my offer :/
  4. I have asked Barclays for a full and detailed break down and they will not give me one !! they said that it is not there policy to do so? all the other people who have refunded my PPI have all gave me breakdowns (halifax, RBS) the problem is I have bank statements showing what I paid by DD which has always been set up for min payment and I know in feb 2004 I paid just short of 9K off so from 2003- 2005 they would have been not a big balance on, I did a SAR and they have sent records from 2006 which had just over £500 . The back story is we never noticed PPI on this account and whould have never asked for it as my husband is a company director so they would not have paid out anyway EGG (barclays) would not up hold so we took to FOS which ruled in our favour then we had to prove he was a director which we did and they paid out tell us when we cancelled it which as I said we didn't even know we had it . Thanks for your help
  5. After a long battle with Barclays the FOS ruled in my favour for my credit card and Barclays paid out could you just check the 8% if you get chance PPI Paid 1767.08 Compound interest 7944.64 8 % interest 660.93 Tax -132.18 As I aware PPI ended on 26/10/2005 so am I right in thinking that 8% is paid from that date to present ? or have I got it all wrong ? Barclays are insisting its correct Just to note the card is still in force and I have no record of what I paid just have a rough guess by the direct debits set up to min payment Many Thanks
  6. Hi just a quick one, when you cancel your agreements make sure you do it in writing and get a receipt for cancelling, my friend did the same but didn't get receipt and she took her claim to the FOS and won over 15K and still had to pay the claims co because they say she didn't cancel .
  7. Just wondering if anybody has had any luck with DFS? My story with DFS Me and My husband bought our first ever sofa from them in 1996 as we were new to all this interest free credit stuff we was taken in by the sales person to cut a long story short he filled in the form ticked the PPI box and when we asked what the extra charge was for he told us it was like a admin charge basically because the company gave you 4 years interest free and us being stupid and young and never had bought anything on credit before we believed him it wasnt until 6 years later when we went back to DFS for our second sofa that the sales person explained what PPI was and gave us a choice to which we said no , we was a little mad that we had been ripped off but was only a couple of hundred so let it go until I put claims in with others who added PPI without my say so, First they said I didnt have PPI (even after sending the invoice) then they didnt log my complaint then took 2 months or more to say no so I asked for it to be reviewed by Andrew then got the same no letter so phoned them up and it had not even been passed to Andrew. Then got a no letter so passed to FOS and waiting to hear from them.
  8. Help needed again please ok so first My hubbys old EGG now Barclay, FOS wrote in june saying they had wrote to Barclays saying they think it should be up held. My Hubbys old Barclaycards x 2, FOS wrote today saying that Barclaycard wants to make a offer. So this is where I have lost the plot. Can someone explain how the FOS works, when I got the letter for the old EGG i thought thats how they must deal with things first look at the case write to whoever say up hold or not and then take it from there but when I received the letter today about a different case saying they want to make a offer this is where I got confused :/ Any advice will be great and sorry if I have confused you also hehe
  9. Hi many thanks for your reply. This is with the FOS at the moment as I said in one of my other posts they have recommended Barclarys up hold my claim but still waiting to hear back if they agree, when they wrote back they said it was 0.59p per £100 and I know roughly the balance after 3 years as I paid off in full with a loan but by the looks of it we must have done a balance transfer on to this card to start with because the payments started at £190 and stayed in that sort of region for 3 years until paid off so should be able to work out % from that. Also thanks for the Santander tip after a lot hassle I went to FOS and they helped my a lot and they phoned them up and got all the information I had requested which they refused to give to me !!! and Genworth paid out with in 4 weeks which was super fast. Thanks again
  10. Hi wonder if anybody can help? Contacted Barclays for the rest of info I ask for when I did a sar to see if I can work out what the old egg PPI would be as Egg was on line and I dont have copies of statements I cant work this out without them so will not know if what they are offering (if they do ) is fair or not, I am just wondering I have all my old bank statements and I know the direct debit was set up for the min payment so I know what I paid each month would I be able to use this as back up ? Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks
  11. Hi me again, little updates so far I have got 3 with FOS my Halifax My husbands Egg and old barclaycard I received a letter last week from FOS saying they have upheld the EGG and have wrote to barclaycard asking them to pay out , firstly I thought great but then I started reading on the forums and can see that Barclaycard have a reputation for still saying no and dragging it on and on with the FOS has anybody else had problems like this when the FOS have said they should up held? Many thanks for any info.
  12. OK thanks, sorry about all questions its a minefield of whats right and wrong. Thanks again
  13. Many thanks for your reply. Does how they have paid the interest sound about right to you ? or should I say something about not using the account since 2001 or want it make any difference ? also I am a stay at home mum who doesn't work will I still have to pay tax ? Many thanks
  14. here is my reply from Genworth Your redress was calculated as follows: Based on the Premium paid by you of £188.88, policy start date of 01/12/1995, policy end date of 15/03/2013, the monthly premium has been calculated as £0.91. 8% Simple interest is then applied to each individual monthly premium up to the date of the Redress Payment. 20% of the Interest (20% of the 8% Simple Interest) is withheld as the HMRC requires that this be paid directly to them” the thing is I haven't used the account since about 2001 so how can they say end date 15/03/2013 and also when I contacted Santander over this matter they said they didnt have any details as the account has been closed for so long !!! Any Help thanks
  15. Thank you that's what I thought will let you know what they say
  16. Hi Thanks for the reply, no I have a few but not a lot I have just mailed Genworth to ask for a breakdown with dates and premiums paid and questioned the interest thing so will see what they say but I have a rough idea on what I have paid which is about right to what they have said its just the interest thing that puzzeled me because I would have had to pay interest every month on my card. Thanks again
  17. Hi could someone please help? I have had a offer letter for my PPI paid on my house of fraser store card but they are offering me refund of premiums paid plus 8% simple interest per ann here are details start date 01/12/95 End date 13/03/2013 perm piad £188.88 simple int £103.35 total due £292.23 now all its great getting a refund but not sure if I am thinking right should I work it out as you would a credit card with the cost of monthly interest rate and so on ? Any advice would be great Thanks
  18. Stll waiting for rest of info from barclaycard SAR they have sent me some info for old EGG 2006-present but nothing before them dates and nothing from barclaycard is this classed as a failed SAR (they havent cashed the cheque) if so could someone please link the failed SAR letter template (cant seem to find it) Many thanks
  19. Hi thanks for the reply I did send santander copies of all statements I had and they still insisted they couldn't do anything due to them not having any records, so sent it off to FOS and they need to know the underwriter so we can complain to them.
  20. Hi me again :/ Just looking for a bit more advice please does anyone know who the underwriter was for house of fraser insurance in 90/2000 ? Also sent a SAR request to Barclay for the 3 accounts My hubby had with them and they have sent back details for just one (old egg card) and no for the barclaycard gold & Platinum do you think they will send sepratly or should have been all together, they must have details as they have not upheld after looking into the accounts. Many thanks
  21. Haha don't think i will push my luck thanks
  22. Well just got another letter from RBS saying that they have noticed when I sent my spreadsheet I included a few statements to show my interest rates and as they don't have any records of my account anymore could I copy all statements I have and send them so they can recalculate my offer !!! A few questions spring to mind here first they write with a goodwill offer and a estimate of interest rate charges so I write back with a few copies of statements to show what interest rates I paid also a spreadsheet showing payments and so on They write back saying " I would like to confirm that the offer we made is in line with the fos and FSA guidance and takes into account the PPI paid plus the interest applied to them. the offer was made in full and final settlement of your complaint. I write back asking for a breakdown of there offer They write back saying I must send all statements I have as they don't have any numbers (hope I haven't lost you here hehe) so question is if their offer was for what PPI was paid where did they get the number from if they don't have any numbers ??? or are they hoping I don't have statements so they can stand by their offer ? May I add I have 29 statement and they rest I have bank statements showing payment to them which was set up for direct debit at min payment so I have some sort of prof .
  23. Hi thanks yes I plan to, you have to wait 15 working days just makes you mad
  24. Well rang EGG again last Friday as I still haven't had my no in writing and asked them where they are on having a look at it all again due to my credit agreement doesn't have a box to tick agreeing to PPI or my husband having full sick benefits and they said we have looked and we are standing by what we say and still not up holding and says they have wrote to us again !!! So Just filling in FOS questionnaire, I have been waiting for 2 weeks now for them to send in writing their reasons why . Update on RBS, wrote back asking them to show me a breakdown on the offer, sent it recorded delivery on the 17/11 and looks like royal mail have lost it so sent a copy again on the 27/11 and that still hasnt been delivered so looks like royal mail have lost that also ! Had a reply from Freemans catalog asking me to fill in questionnaire so done that and will post tomorrow. so far I have send my house of fraser, my Halifax to FOS and looks like EGG card and had no reply from Barclays about the other Barclaycards so they will be going also, just feels like I am hitting one brick wall after another (not as easy as I first thought)
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