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  1. Furthermore , and trust me I am not trying to upset you further, but Barclays could not have sent your alleged debt to th worst DCA in the country. Once MARLIN are involved they never let go..sorry to say..youl be in for along slog with them especially if the debt has ben assigned to them.
  2. Ive been informed that the best time to ask for a repayment plan with wonga is three days before your paydate,also be aware theres no way on gods good earth will they have deleted your other card details, these companies collate as much information as possible,they will still have those card details on file
  3. Peter Correct me if I am wrong but didnt you make our first payment of £10, Not by standing order but by direct credit ie paying it into their Barclays account in branch ?..Looks like Iam going to have to play canny here and set up a payment date of about the 4th and pay direct in around the 28th of every month (my payday) Thats if they accept of course. To me the above email stinks of them wanting to get their sticky fingers on your new debit card details
  4. Folks as stated in a previous thread I have been a member of CAG for a few yrs now and the help and advice I have in the past and been superb. I must admit to being ashamed having found myself in a dangerous position with four PDL,s. One of the four is the infamous Payday Express, whom after reading about on CAG appear to be one of the main hardballers. I borrowed £600 off them and by the time I am scheduled to pay them back on the 28th of this month, will have risen to £750. We are struggling badly, leaving me no alternative but to default. I have read through quiye abit of the PDE forum and
  5. Peter Thays great news , gald your repayment plan has been set up, i will be defaulting on the 28th of this month and will follow your lead in terms of what you did, iam hoping the buggers will accept my ten month payment plan of £140 per month over ten months to clear what will be a £1400 debt by the time of defaulting, was there any particular wonga email address where you seemed to get most joy, Peter ?
  6. Sharpend, have you actually had confirmation from them that your repayment plan has been agreed, Im worried for you incase theyre quite happily taking your money but STILL APPLYING INTEREST...get the buggers to confirm that all interest is frozen....have you checked your account online
  7. Cheers guys, Iam terrified at the prospect of going through this, as I understand it as soon as you request a repayment plan, they add a I&E to your account online, ive heard theyve have been granting some repayment plans but at crazy repayment rates over periods of 4 and 5 months. Sharpend, ive had no reply yet either but Iam lead to believe that they will only deal with you at the point to actually default. Iam not due to default untill 28th November 2012..just know now iam not going to be able to afford it.
  8. Guys, I have been a member of the CAG for several yrs now and must admit I never thought I'd find myself asking advice of this nature. I have managed to spiral my Wonga Loan out of control to the extent that I borrow about £1.089.00 a month merely to cover mortage payments, (I know crazy stupid sitsuation I have got myself in !!!) by my next payday 28.11.2012 I will be paying them £1450.00. I have got myself in such a crazy fix that I am left with no alternative but to request a repayment plan if only to minimise the interest Iam being charged very month. First and formost, after reading oth
  9. Loads of us ! please check out some of the old threads on this mortgage section. Birmingham mids are now activley monitoring the threads on this site. Our members have had success reclaiming charges and i was probably the very last in the country to get anything out of them in terms of ERC.....BIFFA
  10. Allo folks youl never guess whats happened to my mate she sent off her full SAR request with the statituary £10.00 fee and received a letter today. with a list of several charges on it that they state had been added to her account since since jan 2005 (yet charges are shown for 2004) please note no statements !!! approx £300 worth of charges my freind estimates well over £1,000. they go on to state charges added on accordance with original agreement. What do you suggest at this point. they clearly havent complied with full SAR and have not sent her statements just a letter outlining charges th
  11. My dearest Zoot do we know of any devlopments with regards to the above....the Bristol and West hammered me for charges.
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