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  1. My situation is that I'm shortly leaving to go and live in the US with my fiance and as such won't have a regular income until I can find a job and she will fully support me on a day to day basis financially. I have the below levels of unsecured debt with my current income I'm struggling to make payments and am in arrears to HSBC for the credit card and have been bumping along at my overdraft limit for years. HSBC Overdraft £1,000.00 HSBC Credit card £5,538.00 Santander Overdraft £248.08 CapitalOne £1,157.32 Barclaycard £1,168.09 Before I leave I've tried to discuss with PayPlan, CCCS and HSBC themselves about my options for when I don't have income but none have been able to help me as they seem to be focused on the here and now and can't help me with the future despite me knowing the exact circumstances that will arise. Basically I'm hoping for some advice/best course of action to take. I'll be able to muster together circa £2,000 from my final months salary so could I make full and final settlement offers? Would that be feasible if I explain my situation and with that level of lump sum? Or in a few months would I be eligible to enter in to a DRO or similar? Essentially I'd just like some clarifications of what my options are for when I won't have a regular income come November. Thanks in advance.
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