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  1. Do i do this now, or wait for them to respond to my original complaint? Thanks for this
  2. I believe this is a provident loan from 2008. I did make a few early payments, but the genuine reason that I stopped paying was that the agent stopped calling. This was after a marriage breakdown. At the end of 2008 my current partner moved in with us, and in all honesty I had completely forgotten about this. I had no agents calling and I cannot recall any letters. If any did arrive, I did not respond. I certainly made no efforts to repay or acknowledgements of this since 2008. I have requested a full statement of account from arvato/BCW.
  3. I noticed something else when I looked on noddle today. It states account opening date of 17.5.2008 then default date 16.4.2012. After careful consideration I think I may know what this is concerning, but I also know that this was defaulted in 2008. How can they possibly state a date of 2012? Is that to confuse the statute barred status? I am waiting for responses from both BCW who are "investigating this matter and have put the file on hold" and from Noddle who have apparently contacted BCW as well. Im suspecting something is very wrong, and this wi
  4. The thing I really do not understand is that I received nothing in writing from this company. I sent a letter to them via recorded delivery yesterday, so I am assuming I will hear something in due course. I stated that I did not acknowledge this debt etc etc. I guess its a waiting game now to see what they have to say:sad:
  5. the age thing is odd. They have listed my date of birth as 1.1.1955! More then 20 years out! I guess we will wait and see Thanks again, this forum is fab
  6. Hi again I had a look on Experian but cant find this or any other positive or negative things, its very different from noddle lol Thanks brigadier2jcs I have included that line in my correspondence. My Experian report was fair 774 so perhaps I am worrying for nothing? Thanks again for your help
  7. Thanks citizenB I am writing to them today and will send recorded delivery. I would prefer to send it via email as well, but I could not see an email address, so Post will have to do for now. Thanks for your help with this
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses. I cannot see anything further back for any original creditor, only this from arvato/BCW How do I check the other credit reference agencies, can I do this for free? Also where would I find en email address for this company? Im concerned about giving them any personal info for them to correct their mistakes. Also citizen is right, I need to fix this issue within the next month if possible! Sorry for all the questions, I don't want to deal with this incorrectly.
  9. Thanks for the response, I had a look on the link, it appears that this company possibly brought an old debt? The listing on noddle states account start date in may 2008, then default date is april 2012. Im wracking my brains to try to think of anything in 2008. Also surely I would have had some form of communication in 2012 before this company logged the default? Well I will wait to hear if you guys have any recommendations of what to do now. Thank again
  10. Hello there I wonder if anyone can help with this. I am considering buying a new car in the next month or so, and thought I would check out my noddle report before doing so. I noticed a default on my account in the name of Arvato Financial Solutions LTD T/A Buchanan Clark & Wells. The date of birth is over 20 years out and I don't remember ever having any dealings with this company. I logged it on the noddle site as incorrect today, stating that I don't know what it is. I'm wondering if I should contact this company as well? I have searched for some kind of address f
  11. Hello I need a bit of advice regarding recent communication from a debt collection agency for a tax credits overpayment. The amounts overpaid are as follows: £2290.38 for CTC for period ending 10.10.08 and £363.74 for CTC for period ending 6.4.09. I have called the tax credits helpline and they have confirmed the amounts. I asked how this has occured as I have always kept them informed. The person I spoke to told me that I had not informed them in 2008 when I entered a new relationship. I cannot be 100% sure that I informed them, but I am positive I did. My partner was claiming job s
  12. I must admit I am feeling rather self righteous right now! I am waiting for the written reply, but will begin preparing my official complaints. Thanks to you all
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