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  1. Thank you for your really helpfull answers and i do it like you instructed me .have a nice weekend:))
  2. Now i haven;t nothing with me .everything (now i know it was wrong) i passed to him. I try to get it back and i describe later exactly what is written on it. Also on monday as you said stright a way i contact council office end describe them ewerything .please tell me which council have i call if i dont catch him to look or get back that letters.i live in luton so when i go to the luton borough council it will be ok or have i call london councill? Thank you for helping me:))
  3. i speek with him and he said that on friday he is going to his solicitor because he get this fine and he can pay for it but without any additional charges??? is he able to do something like this? i thing that no ! but he said don,t worry i do it ewerything will be ok. i;m worry because when bailiff visited my home yesterday he said that they climb or take MY NEW car AS COVER OF THIS FINE !!! CAN THEY DO IT??? ESPCIALY THAT THE BAILIFF SPEEK WITH HIM AND HE INFORMED THE BAILIEFF THAT ITS HIS FOULD OF THAT FINE .I CAN GET CONFIRMATINN AND HIS SIGNATURE OF THIS CASE.
  4. I don't know from whom he recive that parking fine because i haven't that letters but he said that he been in london and parked opposite polish consulate.i check on webside and this is portland street.im not ignore this letters because when i recive the first reminder i contact dvla and informed them about this case and also i send them note where i describe that i sold that car to that person with his name and date of sale,and i told them about that fine and they send me back acknowledgment letter corfirms that i;m no longer rhe registered keeper of that vehicle date of this letter 19 12 201
  5. Yes i have sale agreement thank you for ansver:-) I SOLD THE CAR ON 30 OF MAY 2011 AND PARKING OFFENCE IS DATET ON JULY
  6. Hi everyone i would like to ask you for help in my case. On 30 may 2011 i sold my car to the person i know and i gave him reg certificate to fill out and send to dvla.i trusted him:-( that he do it. We sign together sale agreement with date 30.05.2011 and in this agreement is written that from the date of purchase of all penalties as speeding and parking penalties is responsible new buyer so its mean him.everything was signed by me and him with ouers details adresses nr id and tel nr. On july 2011 i recive penalty fee ofwrong parking (60pounds) to pay.i pass him this letter a
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