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  1. "You understand that this Agreement is not legally binding on us until such time as we complete a welcome telephone call with you and approve your application" I just don't understand how an agreement can need more than a signature to be binding.
  2. My apologies, 118118Money. I would note that in section 9 of the agreement they claim the document isn't legally enforceable until they provide me a "Welcome phone call".
  3. I recently applied for credit with a loan provider. I was accepted for the requested amount and was provided a loan agreement to electronically sign, complete with terms and all the necessary information. I signed it and it was signed on behalf of the provider, which was emailed to me as a PDF. Now, the provider is requesting bank statements and ID verification, and have cancelled the original loan from my account. Is the loan provider legally obliged to continue with the agreement they originally signed or are they even capable of backing out? Thanks in advance, Michael.
  4. Hello all, my apologies for not responding for a while I joined my ship around the time, I am now home and have been looking into this matter. I received several E-Mails from a DHR Capital Ltd. Here is the contents: Dear Michael, As you have been made aware, your loan with ToothFairyFinance Ltd is now owned and being collected by DHR Capital Ltd. As you will know, your initial loan amount was GBP 300.00, however as this has now been overdue since 01-10-2013, in line with the charges and interest set out in your original loan agreement, your balance has increased to GBP 750.00. WE WOULD LIKE TO HELP We are offering reductions of up to 50% on your entire remaining balance> Contact us by 7th August 2014 to arrange an affordable monthly repayment plan and receive up to 50% off your balance. Alternatively, contact us by 7th August 2014 to arrange a full and final se ttlement with all interest and charges waived and paying just 50% of the amount you borrowed. To take advantage of one of the fantastic offers listed above, please either reply to this email, or call us on 0207 112 4876. We look forward to hearing your reply. Kind Regards, Collections Team DHR Capital Ltd 0207 112 4876 I have not responded to the E-Mails, and the website of the company is not present. There are several spelling mistakes in both E-Mails, and the first E-Mail claims to settle the loan for £80. I find the "Up to 50%" part ambiguous, I'm sure if I called I would be told I'm not eligible for such a "Offer". Considering how cheap they bought this loan book for I'm not even up for paying that. I have received nothing in the post, and I have changed mobile phone numbers therefore I know not of any texts or calls, but the last time I checked my voice mail there was nothing.
  5. Hello, I recently bought a Sony Xperia Z1 on a contract with Vodafone. The phone and contract was bought via a Carphone Warehouse. Within 28 days of purchase and after brief use in the rain the phone screen started to flicker, the issue progressed further until the phone screen was completely non functional. The touch screen and all buttons still responded, I could even hear myself navigating menus on the phone, but couldn't see it. I took the phone to a Carphone Warehouse store and put the phone in for repair. After two weeks I was informed the phone wasn't repairable and was not covered in the manufacturers warranty. The company ran e vacuum test which indicated the ports were functioning. They concluded I must of had a port open, likely the SIM port, which resulted in the phone failing. I disagree with this conclusion, not only am I not that utterly foolish, I have no reason at all to open the SIM port except for when I first put the SIM in 3-4 weeks prior. I have since had an actual inspection of the phone and I've noticed the SIM ports rubber seal has some quite visible imperfections, I didn't inspect closely to avoid damaging it further. I have placed the phone in for inspection with Vodafone instead and indicated the damage on the rubber band. I contacted Sony via email for their opinion but they will not give one until they have seen it themselves, via me placing the phone in a jiffy bag of all things and sending it to them. I maintain that, despite the passing of the vacuum test, a degree of common sense acknowledging I've no reason to open the SIM port outdoors in the rain. Couple that with acknowledging the damage on the seal which could not rationally have been wear and tear given the port has been opened once since I purchased the device (excluding any engineers looking at it). Surely in certain circumstances, under the right conditions, the phone would be unable to maintain its waterproof nature per the warranty and thus would become damaged. I have yet to receive a response from Vodafone regarding the situation. Does anyone have any thoughts on these circumstance in case Vodafone's conclusion comes back and does not support my case? I find the idea of paying for a phone for two years which I am not actually able to use, and paying for a replacement. I see it as £800 wasted and I'm not especially willing to accept that. Thank you in advance!
  6. Ahoy gents. I previously posted regarding my ToothFairy Loan and the text messages I've been recoeving. I've just had a text message from NDR Connect offering to close my file if I pay £80. Asks me to call their number or go to the toothfairy website. I went on the website and NDR's (which has exactly the same layout, hmm), they both mention nothing of this "£80 offer". Opinions guys?
  7. SitRep Update: I am now receiving voicemail messages from "DMR" asking me to call them. They are not specifying the details of anything just asking me to call. I won't be calling and I'll be calling home to see if there is any pertinent written contact
  8. Alright Gents. I am now home and I can confirm I have had no written or e-mail contact from Blackwater or ToothFairy. So I shall sit tight until such a time as I do, I suppose. Thanks for your continued advice!
  9. Hello all, thank you very much for your rapid and informative responses in the matter. I thought I'd just add I have received another text today from BlackWater stating "You have not repaid your loan with ToothFairy Finance Ltd. Please call 0203 476 4029 today or we may escalate to legal collections". Rather amusing overall, I am going home this afternoon for the weekend (and it couldn't come soon enough) so I'll check to see if there is actually any written mail at all, and work from there. Any opinion in this one gents?
  10. Many months ago I took out a loan with ToothFairy Finance, what a mistake, which due to personal circumstances I couldn't pay. I contacted them several times about extensions, and got three unique responses regarding how the policy works, crazy people that they are. Eventually I had to contact them to request we come to a repayment arrangement, no reply. I continued emailing them almost daily, then twice weekly, eventually one last time to state I would no longer be attempting contact as they had failed to work with me or even respond through any avenue of email contact, despite their automated system confirming reciept of the emails. For all of this time I have kept an occasional browse over them as an entity, how they are operating etc. I joined the Royal Navy in October, and during training I actually sent my final email, and put the issue to bed. Now I'm settling into the next stage of training I recieved a text message from someone called Blackwater, regarding the loan I owe, claiming they have a solution to repay the debt, followed by a number. I have been looking around elsewhere to find out if the loan is even valid after a company goes into administration and has it's credit license revoked. I am to understand the loan ledger was sold at 7.5% it's value, some people have suggested offering a 10% repayment on the original amount borrowed. As I have obviously not recieved a reply from the company, I can only assume by now the interest and charges that have been invented are running into an extortionate amount. I have not contacted them at all since the text, and I have simply been researching to find a solution that isn't going to cost me a years wages. In my opinion, I have been trying to resolve this situation since it started, if Toothfairy had responded to me I would have had frozen interest and gotten it sorted over a few months, this situation wouldn't exist. As it stands they ignored me completely, despite mountainous amounts of contact from me, never to me, and simply let the loan slide over to this new company. I suppose what I'm asking, from someone who really knows the legal ends in this situation, what can I do?
  11. Hello, I'm writing to QuickQuid to try and arrange a repayment plan for my loan, however after reading this website for a while I have some questions and I was wondering if someone could read my E-Mail to give any constructive criticism. Why should I E-Mail QuickQuid rather than phone them? Is it appropriate to call them to make the arrangements and then E-Mail them to confirm? Is there any law, bill or statute I should quote if they disagree with my plan? Or anything else I should say to assist my request?
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