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  1. I E mailed again last night to let the landlord know that I will be handing in my notice soon. I have said I will give him one months notice when I am leaving. Which is what I intended to do. Obviously my trying to be helpful by giving him time to find a new tenant before I hand in the notice has backfired. In future I wont give a 'heads up' to anyone I will just wait til i'm ready to go, then give the months notice. There has been no persistently late payments. I owe 2 days rent today. I got another rude letter from him agreeing to my terms and giving me an address in England
  2. The tenancy started on 18th December 2011. It said in the contract it was fixed for six months then after that it was on a month by month basis. Also I have paid the rent every month on 18th as stated until July when I was having problems I paid on 1st of each month instead. He now says I did not notify him and my payments are erratic and I am in breach of contract. I am paid up to today so I am only in arrears after today. I cannot pay him until my wage is paid to me on 28th Spet so it will be 1 week late. He told me the deposit is in a safe bank something to do with the army (
  3. My landlord lives in Australia. I sent an e mail on 10th Sept to him a ‘heads up’ that I would be handing in my notice on the property I rent. I said I could not give him an exact leaving date, as I do not know when the new accommodation will be ready, but it would be some time at the end of Oct or early Nov. I would let him know when I had a fixed date. He has been very aggressive and sent back to say that this is not good enough, it’s a warning but not notice. I asked him what he wanted me to do to give notice but he just kept sending back that this is not notice. My contract consisted
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