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  1. It seems I can't yet post links....can add at 10 posts if anyone wants to see them. I have the agreement from 2003 with Halifax Cetelem (pretty much identical to poster N.P's scans in another thread) that has a PPI value listed without stating it is PPI. However, Halifax Cetelem (this is not Halifax Bank), went into liquidation sometime in the past 2 years. Nevertheless, I have seen information that implied they were bought by: BNP Paribas You can see on companiesintheuk they filed for change of address on 8th June 2011. Clicking through that link gives the address: 10
  2. First post! Great place for everyone to be informed and get justice! I'm looking to put in a PPI complaint to Forthright Finance regarding a vehicle purchase I made in 2001-2002. I am 99% certain that PPI is included, but I do not have the original paperwork or agreement. I do however have bank statements that show all payments made during the period (they are listed simply as Forthright Finance and do not state PPI payments separately). My tactic with other PPI complaints at the moment where I do not have the agreement and it is over 6 years is to submit the FOS form and see what
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