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  1. no we stopped using the car the minute we brought it home, the only journey we made was to the mazda garage 2 miles away and they said not to drive it anymore...so we went with their advice...... and yes our card does carry the visa logo...
  2. yes i've got the orignal add, and yes it confirms alot of lies he made about the vehicle..... with regards to the mileage i also had concerns but i managed to contact the previous owners that confirmed the mileage, which at least gave me some comfort. The car dealer actually said to us, "you've got no chance of ever getting your money back from me" nice guy. he did say he would repair the vehicle so we took it to our local mazda, to see what was wrong with the vehicle. my husband then called the car dealer and passed him onto the mazda mechanic who explained what was wrong and what needed to b
  3. thats excellent, yes he is a limited company, and yes we have kept every piece of paperwork, and everytime we sent a letter to him we sent it recorded. its just the time it drags on for, at the moment the said car is on our friends driveway as we declared it sorn, also we don't have a driveway. we also had to buy another car in the mean time just so we could get to work, so hence more money paid out... thanks for the feedback.
  4. Hi there, yes its to do with the dpf light, we since found out that when the car dealer took it to the mazda garage up north they had to do a regeneration which really as the mazda garage near us told us that with all the miles we done this should have fixed the problem but it hasn't, they believe the problem could be a number of tings costing into the £1000's, they explained to us that we would be better of trying to get our money back. we also found out the car had a hole in the sump.....
  5. Hello there, wondering if anyone could help, its a bit long winded so i apologise... my story starts from the 21st April 2012, We live in essex and we decided to purchase a car from morecombe, yes i know before you say why so far away, well there was such a big difference in the mileage to what we could get in essex for the same price. Well getting back to my tale. before we arrange to the collect this car we asked the salesman if possible as we we're driving such a long way could he please check all the standard things like oil, water, tyre pressure...blah blah.. which he agreed. This car a
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