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  1. I think I am gong to give the police a ring this morning and find out exactly what is against me. There seems to be some conflicting advice on here and I need to know in my own mind what I am facing. I know for sure I am barred from Tesco's and petrol stations but everything else passed in a blur. The one police officer had to return to his car to get a form and they told me numerous times what it was but I can't think for the life of me now what it was called. Surely the police will be able to tell me over the phone? Thank you so much for your input and advice guys, I am not knocking it!!!
  2. Tbh the police didnt want to persue anything it was the security guard who wanted to as much as he could so i am quite sure i will be getting an rlp letter. I am just worried about my crb as i am currently applying for jobs in schools and do voluntary work. I also have some faulty clothing to go back to tesco. how do i do that now??
  3. I dont even know which station the police came from and would perhaps like some clarification on yesterdays events. how do i find out?
  4. The police asked if i had means to pay for the goods which i had as i hadnt meant not to pay for them. the police then asked the security guard if he would accept payment and he said i was to pay for them. i did via the till and got to keep said goods. i was then escorted off the premises
  5. Thanks guys, have started to feel.better this afternoon, especially making it through the doors at work and no one batting an eyelid! I am going to meet a friend for a drink later even tho i declined this morning. Thank you for your support , keep it coming!
  6. It all passed in a blur but what i do recolect is signing a piece of paper barrijng me from all tesco stores and petrol stations and then was informed a letter would be sent from tedco head office. The police filled a form in with myname and address on. i didnt sign it. the police then got tesco tel no and then informed the security guard he would phone thro crime number later yesterday afternoon. the police were constantly asking if i understood everything as next time i could be arrested. Its the whole barring and crb thing i am worried sick about.
  7. Is anyone else around? Im absolutely devestated by whats happened and so ashamed. really need advice guys
  8. I can't explain how or why but yesterday I was caught shoplifting in my local Tesco. I can't stop crying, didn't sleep last night, feel sick to the stomach and so so ashamed. I have never been involved in a crime or with the police before in my life. I went to do some grocery shopping and needed some small toiletry items. So stupid I know but I put thes four items in my shopping bag to save them falling through the trolley (have done it so many times before.) but for some reason, I cannot explain, forgot to put them on the conveyor and subsequently didn't realise. As soon as I left the store via the underground carpark, the security men came after me. I straight away tried to explain but they were having non of it, especially the one guard and as I had my works school uniform on (was on way to work,) he was stating whilst I was escorted to the managers office how the police would be called and I would lose my job, etc, etc. furthermore, I would be banned from the store. I was just so stunned and in shock, I couldn't speak. I did ask if I could phone work as I would be late but was told no. I cooperated fully and offered to pay for the items, total £14.99 to which they refused. According to the store manager and security guards, I was intent on shoplifting as I put the items in my bag as they viewed the cctv and they were "luxury" items and the look on my face apparently told it all. They stated they had been watching me since entering the store. I can assure hand on heart this was not my intention. The police came and didn't feel the need to pursure further. However the security guard felt different. Everything was so much of a blur, I cannot even remember fully what I was told. I know I signed a form stating I would never enter a Tesco store or petrol station again and I am pretty sure I was given a caution. I wasn't issued with a fine. I was also give a RLP form by the store Manager. Finally I was asked to pay for the goods. I did this and then was escorted off the premises. I don't know the police station the officers came from. Is it worth finding out? I was late for work and in such a state but couldn't say what hat happened (so shameful and embarrased,) just that an incident had occured at Tesco. I haven't told anyone what has happened, I can't even tell my husband but know people that work in Tesco so am worried sick its going to come out. My hubby will also start asking questions when I don't shop in Tesco as this is our nearest supermarket and convenient so this will pose a problem in itself. Today, in light of things and due to lack of sleep and I cannot stop crying (even as I type this,) how will this affect my job? I already have a CRB and don't think it is due for renewal but will my school be notified of any changes? The police advised me to tell my employer but if there isn't any need then do I really need to? Will I be charged by the RLP? Has anyone still shopped in Tesco after being banned? My head is spinning today and I struggled to get out of bed this morning to sort the kids. Its just not like me and i have cancelled all my appointments today, I feel like crawling in a hole and never come out again. Please someone advise me.
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