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  1. Yup would also depend on the recipents state of mind I think as to whether or not fear or distress was being caused . I may be having a go at this in a week or so ...
  2. Just a thought , as these speculative invoices are not something that could stand up in court , is there a case for harassement here if these beggars keep on sending them?
  3. ok thanks , I will suggest this to them Do you have this on some sort of authority / experience ?
  4. Yeah I will probably get them to do this, thing is they were about 5 secs from calling Athena to pay them before I stopped them (after reading this forum quickly) as they always pay their bills on time and considered the Charge Notice as a fine before I explained it to them , this is exactly what these parking companies prey on and to say it annoys me is an understatement.
  5. Hi guys First post here , hello to all but Im incensed! My 87 year old parents have just received a parking charge notice from Athena because it appears they had the temerity to take more than 1. hour 30 mins shopping in Lidl! I have told them to ignore it as per the many of the posts on here about Athena . I also called Lidl to make my feelings known and apparently If the registered keeper calls them they can "do something about it " I think ignore will work just fine. What you think?
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