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  1. Ok - will do. Thanks for the advice. By the way - my car has been levied in connection with another council tax debt, (have raised a separate thread). What power does that give the bailiff? does it stay in place until the debt is paid - presuming I'm allowed to pay in installments?
  2. Hi, and thank you. The most important ones where bailiffs are chasing or AOE is in place are are council tax debts. I've been going through the various bailiff notices to try and work out exact figures, and they seem to fluctuate for some reason (as in, decreasing in some instances). I'm even more confused now, but my best estimate right now is: Epping Council - £937.00 at Dec 12, now £711.00 at January Croydon Council - £1969.00 & £558 Total £4175.00 Thanks A
  3. It's a different one. I've had a number of these things all surface at the same time. Just when I've paid one off another arrives and now I'm swamped - with no funds left to pay them.
  4. Thanks again, but I checked all the fees when I negotiated the monthly instalments. I want to know why Newlyn will no longer accept my instalments. They haven't written to me to advise of any reason, so in my original posting I was asking if this had happened to anyone else!
  5. There is no mention of a van fee on this notice - they are now asking for the full amount oustanding - £558.00 but they agreed my installment plan 6 months ago. That is what I'm asking for help with. .. and I'm not joking when I say there is nowhere else for me to park my car. I don't live in a town. I wish I was brave enough to wave through the windows!
  6. Hi again all, Can anyone help me with this please? I've been chased by bailiff from Ross & Roberts for outstanding council tax, and I wrote to explain my financial situation, and my that due to depression I asked them to stop visiting my house whilst I dealt with the council to get full details of what I owed. I believe I had paid the amount in full (with the last of my savings) so I (obviously) wanted to know what this was about. They did leave me alone, but I didn't get a response from the council, and now an AOE has been served without any further communic
  7. Thanks IHB, I have nowhere to move my car to, which is why I am worried sick. When they first started chasing this debt, the bailiff hid behind a bush and jumped out when I went to work. I hate the idea of being a prisoner in my own home again. I guess if there's no advice to be had about Newlyn's apparent change of mind I'll have to fire off letters and hope for the best.
  8. They posted a removal notice, stating they are retrieving monies on a magistrates liability order from 2005. No levy has been made. The amount they want is exactly the same as the amount currently outstanding on the agreement I made with them approx 6 months ago, which is why it seems they have changed their mind and no longer want installments. But neither Newlyn or the council have communicated that to me. .. and can they still chase a 7+ yr council tax debt so aggressively? No, they have never been inside my home, but they used the old 'goods may be removed in your absen
  9. Hi all, Would be grateful for some help on this. I returned home from work last night to find a notice from Newlyns to say they had visited to collect @£500, and that a van had been booked. The notice wasn't in an envelope, and had notes like 'THE VAN HAS BEEN BOOKED' hand written on it in capitals. Nice and threatening. This visit seems to refer to an outstanding council tax debt which I have already agreed a repayment schedule with Newlyns and have been paying on time - apart from one payment which was 24 hours late because their website was faulty. At that time they didn't want
  10. No, I live in a rural area and the only parking space is outside my house. The only other place is too close by so a clever/nosy bailiff would find it if they've made a note of it before...
  11. So if I've paid their charges, and have started to pay the council, how could they legally levy my car? and how long would I have to wait before they give up?
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