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  1. Hi guys, basically I'm trying to pull out of my contract, I was wondering what are the laws in terms of selling property under false pretenses when the tenant couldn't view the house before purchase. I've viewed more forums about trespassing by the landlord and it was in my contract that I had to have 24 hours notice before my room being entered (basically I left plymouth with the intention of returning back a week later, however i soon acquired a place at another university and needed to collect my stuff from the house) I'm just wondering what the exact terms and laws are for this situat
  2. Hi I am currently a student studying in Manchester for university, however prior to this I was due to study in Plymouth and had signed a housing contract with a letting agency for accommodation. However upon arrival I found the household to be below standard of a property that had been 'refurbished' with other issues such as leaving doors open in the house due to the threat of damp and mold. So in this situation i contacted the agency to inform them that i would be returning to Manchester and that I would return the next week to hand back the keys (whilst also still under contract to pay
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