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  1. Exact same thing happened to a friend of mine 3 months running , business contract & was refunded £200 but had to pay thousands .. The MAP app was blamed for eating the data .
  2. In the same conversation above I said I wasn't happy with the whole process & I really shouldn't have been ok'd for a mortgage .. Today I receive a letter from swiftfirst .. With reference to your telephone conversation & you expressed concerned regarding the sale process when you took out your mortgage , specifically , that the mortgage has been mis- sold to you .. I said my income is the same now as it was when I 1st got the mortgage & tbh I don't think I should have been accepted . Swift are not directly involved in the sales process or any negotiations between me & the broker so are unable to deal with my complaint .. Address your concerns to them under their complaints process .. Their contacts details have been given in the letter ... The name & address of the broker is not the one I dealt with , I've googled it & the name given have received a fine from the FSA £35000 in dec 2009 for something to do with mortgages & crime risks .. Totally confused now . The broker I dealt with went into liquidation as far as I'm aware .
  3. Not really sure if this is something I can be helped with but here goes ... Last year I noticed a debit from my bank acct . ' Sony ' Was bit confused so looked further back & to my horror the debits were between £5/£15 for over a year totally over £1500 ( stopped counting as I felt sick at that stage ) Cut a long story short I had allowed my son to use my debit card to buy something for his play station game online , I assumed my details had been deleted after the 1st £5 transaction but obviously they hadn't . He continued to buy game additions & the rest is history As soon as I noticed I cancelled my card & it was replaced .. Is there any way to get any of this money back ?
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