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  1. Having actually looked at the Prove it letter, it might not be suitable in this case. Unless the Prove letter will likely make them provide an itemised break down. What do you think about sending a CCA request with a specific amendment to ensure they send the credit arrangment and the break down?
  2. I'll get that sent recorded delivery straight away then
  3. Thank you They did mention the call was recorded, but I'll take that with a pinch of salt. Given that I confirmed the debt on the phone, won't they just reply to the prove it letter with something along the lines of "you've confirmed this on X date over the phone"? I can get that letter and the itemised one both done I suppose, I'm more than happy to push them on this. I checked my credit file again today, and there's nothing there at all from wonga, so that's something at least!
  4. To clear up what happened, they rang my parents first (I have no idea why, I haven't lived there for 12 years, and they rang me to pass on the number of the guy that rang. I called that number (and 0151 number) where I stupidly confirmed my new address, phone number and email address. Largely because I thought the debt had been paid. I admitted to having taken the loan, but told him that I was sure I paid. He said he'd put the account on hold for 14days so I could send in a statement. Something I have no intention of doing. He also mentioned it was on my credit file, but I had acce
  5. PRA mentioned several times that the debt was sold to them, so I guess they do
  6. Stupidly I confirmed the loan existed, and they had all the dates and reference numbers. They want me to send a statement showing the payment I supposedly made (which I can't find, so assume I never made). The original loan repayments would have been £127,so I feel I should only pay that minus the 53 that was taken off me...
  7. Hi I was hoping someone here would be able to advise me on what to do. 3 years ago I took out a loan with Wonga for £100, and despite thinking I had paid it off, it looks like I haven't. This was in Jan 2011, and I haven't heard anything until today when PRA contacted me. PRA have put my account on hold for 14 days as I was adamant I had paid it back (back then I was very stupid and had so many loans which I only fully repaid at the end of last year). I have checked my bank account and the only thing that has come out is £53 in Jan 2011, which apparently is interest on the loan
  8. No no no no. I think you can take a really long walk off a very short pier. Please explain why mentioning his username and post here would make any difference what so ever? You should know that when a customer calls you, you deal with them at that point. You take the information from them and then you deal with their query. You do not need their username or post here at all. You are asking it purely to keep track of this thread, because you know that people are becoming very wise to the nonsense threats your company peddles, and more than likely want to know what's been said. If this
  9. If... and it really is a big big big IF someone turns up then they have no legal powers what so ever. I believe there is a letter on this forum which you can pass to the person which informs them that if they don't leave you'll call the police. In fact let me try and find it.... ah there we go http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?410-LETTER-USED-WHEN-A-DCA-THREATENS-A-DOORSTEP-VISIT Give them that and tell them to sod off in any degree of politeness you wish. And don't panic, just remember they are going to say anything to try and scare you, because most people aren
  10. Exactly. And they will take back their money as soon as they see it, and it's not just a case of removing cpa's
  11. There are companies that have products that do require that information legitimately (I think Egg have one), and from what I can tell ClearAccount aren't a PDL as such (they only put money in to cover your overdraft). I still wouldn't give them my details though, as your bank T&Cs will state the bank will wash their hands of any responsibility if you give your details out, and you're a victim of fraud.
  12. Unfortunately I don't get on too well with PDLs over the phone. I had to call a couple for my ex, and the last guy at wonga told me to go forth and multiply (he said it in two words though) and hung up :/ but hey, it's going to be a Monday morning, so it's worth a shot!
  13. I can't find the ones for 27/7 unfortunately I'll give them a call tomorrow morning just for fun and see if they'll even entertain giving me them over the phone. I doubt it though!
  14. Payday Express used to be (this was Dec 2011) account name: express finance account number:30066850 sort code:20-24-61 Wonga: Account No: 21544926 Sort Code: 40-06-09 reference - Wonga account/loan number
  15. I'm not saying she can't get it reversed, see my previous replies. I'm saying she might not be able to move money into a new bank account due to the overdraft. Hence getting the CPA's and debit card cancelled is a priority so they haven't access to her funds. But yes, it is all dependent on who you speak to. Which is why I'd recommend asking for a manager
  16. Who are the BCA? And whilst the FoS may not act in the way you'd expect them to, and are prone to mistakes, I would in all instances where necessary advise people to still raise the complaint with them.
  17. Unfortunately Sally has an overdraft facility, so that's not an option. One thing you can do Sally, is get a request in writing to your branch to remove all cpa's on your account that tooth fairy have, and get them to sign and stamp the request and give you a copy. That way tooth fairy can't do it again. And "loose" your debit card. But certainly don't back down with the bank, they can and should reverse the transactions. Like I said above, don't just talk to the front line reps, they probably don't know the regulations
  18. Neither company should have ads pushed to that audience, hence why the ad agencies need informed, and the appropriate regulatory bodies.
  19. Would be a good start, as they'd have more clout than an individual. It wont just be this app or that advert, it could be a few apps pushing the wrong adverts, so the sooner they know the better.
  20. Yes, and no. Yes they are responsible for which agencies they work through, but I doubt they've asked for their ad to be on that app. I'm not saying it should be there, I agree that it's inappropriate for that app. And I certainly don't think Wonga are a company to speak of with any praise. However the FSA aren't the ones to contact in this instance (at least not that I'm aware of, I might be wrong) as it's an advertising issue, not a breach of financial regulations. Whichever agency is responsible for that ad being placed on that app needs to be made aware that they are pushing the wrong
  21. You might want to make the app maker aware and ask them which advert agency they use, because they're the ones who will supply the ad to the app, not the company directly. Wonga will sign up to advert agencies who then loop adverts on the apps, Wonga wouldn't go directly to the app makers (at least, not that I'm aware of, hence asking the app maker). I don't think the FSA would be the ones to complain to about the advert, as it's an advertising issue, not a financial one.
  22. Most app makers don't get to choose which adds to display, they usually go through an agency who gives them money for running apps. Likewise, the companies don't select which apps their advert appears on. It does need to be highlighted though, as it's obviously inappropriate advertising for that app.
  23. If you can't get to a branch, then call Lloyds back. Ask to speak to a manager straight away (politely. If you sound angry, then the rep will put up a fight). If needs be keep going higher up until you get someone that will instruct the chargeback. have ready infront of you the parts outlined in above posts about how the bank has to refund the payment, and which document it's from. Get the person's name and extension number of who you talk to (and their manager's name too). Make sure you give them facts and as little room as possible to move in. If you can get to a branch, ask to speak to
  24. This is STILL ongoing? Wow.... I'd make them a final offer of what you can pay each month for the original loan amount plus one month's interest and start paying that to them. It's good to see though that you're in a much better frame of mind than a year ago, and I hope you manage to get rid of them
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