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  1. Hi Lee, wondering if you could give me a copy of all bills and correspondence?
  2. Hello all, Quick question relates back to 2004 (lol, I know procrastination set in and now it's time to redress) I was overpaid from where I worked at the time. The following day this overpayment was automatically withdrawn from my account without my permission or knowledge. Just wondering if that was legally possible?
  3. As requested Lee ... Re: WRT135 - CAG [#11035793] To 2grump... To be fair from what I can recall I did have an excellent service with my time with Vodafone and issues were generally resolved/credited to satisfaction. Just at the point in time my situation was difficult and I chose to panic and ignore rather than deal it head on! Rather an amicable and fair resolution than letting this drag on.
  4. Greetings fellow citizens, nanu nanu (mork and mindy in case your left wondering?)... The short of it, Vodafone contract couldn't afford the monthly bill so buried my head in the sand which ended up being disconnected. Eventually passed onto a few DCA's (I believe) and now ended up with Lowell Financial. Fail to remember all the details (mainly attributed to alochol) and having discarded pretty much all of the Vodafone/DCA correspondances (is there any way to retrieve them?). Lowell gave me a quick breakdown of the debt... Original company name: Vodafone You owe: £814.14
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