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  1. Emmzzi, sorry forgot to reply to your question. Yes my employers did contribute to my ill health. When they first employed me in 2002 I told them about my ill health (ie suffer from crohns disease) and they were fine about it. In 2003 they "employed" another boss and whenever I was off sick he would have me in and saying they cannot manage with me having time off regularly. Anyway over the years I have been in and out of the office defending myself and I have given them access to my medical records twice but they still kept on at me. So yes I think they did contribute because I was stress
  2. Thank you so much for your replies. Emmzzi I have spoken to Acas and they say I am entitled to 10 weeks notice plus accrued holidays. ericsbrother I presume the alternative would be for them to keep me employed and I would keep receiving ESA until I was eventually better. The problem being I have alot of health problems and I am not sure how long I am going to be off work. Pusillanimous you mention that I would probably get 3 months pay anyway so really they are not giving me any incentive really - I was thinking they should pay me a little extra as I have worked really hard over
  3. Hello everyone, I have had an update regarding the compromise agreement. My employer is offering me 3 months salary plus pay in lieu and holidays accrued. Do you think this is a decent enough payout? I am not sure what to expect but I have been off sick since last August and have worked for my employer for 10.5 years. Thank you for any advice given. Sandra:???:
  4. Thank you for your reply. The company I work for does not have a company pension scheme in place, I do have a private pension though. Thanks for your help.
  5. I am about to enter into negotiations with my employers for my employment to end through a compromise agreement. I am just enquiring whether anyone can advise what I can expect to receive. I have worked for my employers for 10.5 years and I know that they will have to pay 10 weeks notice plus holidays accrued. I am just wondering what I can expect for compensation. The reason this has come about is that I have been off sick since August 2012 and am now in the process of claiming ESA and I dont know when I will be ready to return to work so the best thing is if we came to some agreement.
  6. Not as I am aware. He is a cleaner at a pottery manufacturer and has a rota with specific times when he is supposed to be doing certain things. Sometimes if he is called to do something else which is not on his rota he gets behind but all the jobs have been done at the end of the day.
  7. I would appreciate any advice that can be given on the following. My husband works for a local company and he has done so for the past 16 years. In 2007 he was being bullied and we went down the grievance path and my husband was moved to another department even though it was a drop in wages. He was fine in his new dept but in May 2010 he started talking as if he was being watched, this ended up with him being assessed by the hospital and to cut a long story short he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and they think he has had it for a long time. This resulted in him being off work sick f
  8. I am posting for some advice. I have been off sick since 9th August 2012 and I have requested to my employer whether they agree or not for me to work from home for 2.5 days a week instead of working full-time. I am worked for my employer now for just over 10 years. My sickness is due to depression but I also suffer from crohns disease and diabetes which are covered by the Equallity Act. The question I am asking is that my employers have requested an informal meeting to discuss ending my employment through a compromise agreement and I was just wondering what kind of payment I can request.
  9. I have not got a written contract as I have never been given one. I have worked for the firm for 10 years though and was just wondering if they can do this. I do have a job description though.
  10. Further to my previous posts I need a little further advice. The firm I work for brought in last year that any employee can have the first 25 days off sick with full pay and thereafter they will pay SSP. The reason I am posting now is that my employer has got my sickness records all wrong and they have overpaid me in the past and have now only just realised. This last month I was due 4 weeks SSP but they have deducted some of the overpayment from that so I have just ended up with around £100 tax rebate to last me the month. Can they do this or should this have been discussed with me first?
  11. Thank you so much for your replies. The company I work for is small - there is no occupational health dept, pension scheme or union so I am on my own. I have emailed them with my concerns about my job and am waiting to hear from them.
  12. Thanks for your replies. I would like to point out that this has been going on now for nearly 2 years. When I was first employed 10 years ago I told my employers that I suffered from crohns disease which I know is covered under the Equality Act. Since then I have developed other illnesses. My employers have received 2 different medical reports from my consultants at the hospital as well as my GP and I had confirmation from my employers in July 2012 that they were satisfied with the results of these reports. In August I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and since receiving the CPAP machine I have
  13. I am employed at the moment and have been with the same firm for the past 10 years (since 2002). When I was employed 10 years ago they asked if I had any health problems and I told them that I suffered from crohns disease. Everything has been OK up to the past couple of years. For the past couple of years I have had alot of problems with my health, I have been off sick with my crohns disease, been diagnosed with diabetes and depression and also diagnosed with migraines and just recently I have been off for the past 6 weeks with breathing problems and headaches due to being diagnosed with
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