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  1. Thank you for replying. I will post another thread about the threatened one which thew original debtor was Creation Finance for a sofa from DFS. The actual CCJ is for original debtor Orange which was argued at the time because the contract was ended but they carried on charging and then put charges on etc. It went to fredrickson and Lowell, then Brian Carter. The judgement is dated 18th December 2015 and the court ordered £50 per month from the 17 January 2016. Tracey
  2. I have had a letter from Brian carter Solicitors saying that a ccj has been entered against me on the 17 December 2015. I did get the court papers but stupidly ignored them after reading different things on the internet about not admitting anything. The bill is for £501.64 and he is asking for £50 a month which I can't pay. The letter says they will consider further enforcement action if the payment is not made. I don't know what to do. I have also received another letter from Lowell which says pre legal assessment threatening another bill being sent to their solicitors (probably Brian carter again) . The bill is for £836.77 and the letter talks about ccjs and possible bailiffs. I have absolutely no idea where I stand as far as bailiffs are concerned. I don't own my home. Do I have to let them in? I've seen programmes on bailiffs and the thought terrifies me. I realise this is my own doing but trying to pay rent and council tax as well as feeding 2 kids has been my main priority. I had these debts as well as some others with stepchange but the payments got too much and I had to cancel the agreement. Stepchange said one of the options was bankruptcy but I panicked and just left things. But because they have been paid a little bit, this is surely classed as acknowledgement of the debt? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm frightened of answering the front door. Thanks, Tracey
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