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  1. I can only sympathise wholeheartedly. These companies are the next lot that need serious reining in as they are out of control, all too often ride roughshod over consumer law and cost the consumer huge amounts of time and money to get any issue resolved. I left BT over 18 months ago and I'm just annoyed with myself that I didn't do it sooner.
  2. I just wanted to vent about how bad this wretched company is. I left them over 18 months ago and despite trying twice before today and now FIVE phone calls today, they will not remove my name and address from their mailing list. I don't want their letters - simple. Today, I have gone around the houses being given different (wrong) numbers to call and eventually being put through to "Marketing" who told me that they couldn't remove my name and address from their mailing list but put me on hold for several minutes whilst 'they' went to find out how to do it. Before that, howe
  3. I think you were right. I'm amazed that they just collect items with no proof of collection at all. However, if you encounter this again, if possible, get all the agreements in writing by email so that if the courier does not give a receipt, you have it in writing that this was the policy of the courier and accepted by the retailer. The other option if you have it, is to sweetly say to the courier that, for your peace of mind, s/he obviously wouldn't mind posing with said item for an album snapshot.
  4. Plusnet are increasing their charges in the middle of my year long contract which seems very unfair as I signed up for a year at an agreed term so should they not honour the agreed charge for that year?
  5. Hi I have a problem in returning an item which is faulty. I only purchased it on Saturday afternoon and have used it for a max of 10 minutes intermittently. The issue is not about getting a refund which Tesco has said (during 5 phone calls so far) I can have. (I paid by cash) The issue is that I am trying to find a way to return it that does not cost a load of money. Tesco will only pay for the item refund, but it is going to cost me a huge sum to return this because I am disabled and have to pay for a taxi there and back. I have tried to resolve this to the best I can, b
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