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  1. Thanks gemspan. Due to the close proximity of the A&L eviction notice I have just encountered, I have all the info to hand about repossessions and have read up on all the stages and have spoken to the National Debt Line a few months back (in relation to A&L). However, since receiving this news from GE Money, I can't seem to establish whether an eviction by them would follow the same rules/procedures etc or wether there would more grey areas with them not being my actual mortgage provider. Do they have the power to enforce an eviction outright? Do the A&L have to have authorise such
  2. Just wondering if anyone can give me some urgent advice on the above thread I posted a few days ago?
  3. Dear CAG Desperately need some urgent advice on current predicament. Have been threatened with repossession from GE Money on a loan that I have secured on my property. I'm in arrears with the loan and as I've been unemployed for quite some time now, have not been able to get back on track with them. (reconsolidation loan for £20k, taken out in 2006). The mortgage I have on the property is with A&L and although I'm in arrears with them (and have just had an eviction order stopped), touch wood, a repayment agreement has been made (set by them) and I am now repaying each month what
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