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  1. If i am to call the court do i mention MARTSONS at all? or should i just proceed like i am unaware it has been passed to the bailiffs?
  2. Hi Guys, This is my first time on here, and i was wondering if someone could help me!! I received a letter from the commonly know Marston Group bailiffs demanding £883.34 Offence: Keep a vehicle without a valid vehicle Licence 14/06/2011 letter reads: 'we are in possession of a Magistrates Court Order as a consequence of non payment of the above amount. We are instructed to demand immediate payment in FULL from you. We must inform you that unless the TOTAL sum due is paid into out office within 7 days of the date of this letter;our bailiffs will attend to levy distress and remove your goods for the sale by PUBLIC AUCTION. This action will involve a minimum further cost of £215!!' Now i understand that i was in the wrong for my offence hence pleading guilty at the time in the magistrates court. At the time i agreed to pay a sum of £50 per month to clear this debt which then decreased to £30 per month with the help of the fines officer at the court. i had made payments until i think 3 months ago. i had not received any notice or letter about missed payments at the time. I also became unemployed and i was and still continuing to look for work so the £30 per month payment slipped my mind and secondly i could not have able to afford it in the first place. so im guessing its my fault not informing the court of my change of circumstances but like i said that completely slipped my mind as i was on frantic search for new work. As it stands i am currently staying in my friends house for which i am lucky enough not to pay rent, she is of the opposite sex (female). most of belongings are in the second bedroom which actually looks like an office. i also own a vehicle which is parked outside of the property. i am afraid if i loose the vehicle then i will be doomed as my line of work (when i get a job) requires me to travel i would say its the most valuable thing i have in my possession apart from my clothes. I am not sure what to do next , what if they come to the door demanding payment?? there is no way i can pay for this at all. should i contact the court or call the bailiffs so that they do not come to the house. i am also afraid that they will things in the house that do not belong to me ( how do i prove that?) IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE WHO IS WILLING TO GIVE ME SOME ADVICE PLEASE HELP AS I AM VERY AFRAID AND CLUELESS AS TO WHAT I DO NEXT. Thank you in advance
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