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  1. I don't know if it counts but it should and the doctors locally tend to act like the DWP is the patient, so far I think they think I'm a liar, hypochondriac plus if I work then I'd suddenly be all better again since work is the cure plus they ignore that the jobcebtre is the source of the problems
  2. Does it count they didn't record it accurately so it's worse then they recorded? It's ridiculous this and even having to go through it
  3. Even if you are on JSA they treat it as UC, the 35 hours can include visiting town etc
  4. Thing I don't they didn't report accurately during the test and the doctors don't worry about their oath as they act like the DWP is their patient, they act like I'm a liar and they also make it seem like I'm attention seeking or finding a medical condition and thinking I've got that was a comment from the latest one
  5. Chester6


    Appeal failed but I still think I'm better on ESA so can I make a new jail? Try again? It's a mess
  6. I'm pretty sure you need a sick note I hope your doctor is compassionate
  7. Can you elaborate? You can use UJM plus other sites, whichever sites you feel is best for your goals, they'd prefer you to use UJM to log etc but that's your choice
  8. Tends to be a lot of staff want it to be searchable just like they want you to use UJM and allow full access It's your choice still I think
  9. Dunno if you've read the link so I thought I'd provide it http://www.shaw-trust.org.uk/individuals/helping-you-prepare-for-employment/work-choice/ Below makes it sound like it's your choice? https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/494341/work-choice-section3.pdf Reading it it does sound like the aim is 16 hour jobs so I am not sure if it's for you as you said you can't work at present
  10. Shaw Trust does a lot But I think it's wise to be wary and ask questions if they don't know why you were referred Plus do you have any written proof of why you are there or what it's called you were referred for? I have heard that WP etc is supposedly voluntary until you sign something so this idea of voluntary isn't what you think it means I got told when on CWP which isn't voluntary that I should describe it as volunteering
  11. Theyare meant to respect your work so that's something you can report them for You could tell the person who sent you there but it's typical for the sanction centre to abandon you to these places
  12. If you were sanctioned you would have been told when you signed It's more then likely I think it's human error and they didn't acknowledge you'd signed on
  13. People have mentioned a lot of the consequences already but a few you should also think about is UC and how horrendous that bus, the terrible way the jobcentre treats everyone eg psychological abuse and bullying. Plus the various pointless schemes, the constant threat of sanction to force to comply You may not have so much money now but you are better off avoiding the Jobcentre as much as you can as its really not worth the hassle from them, hassle you expected to happen here is nothing compared to the depths they sink to
  14. Diagnosis takes time and you'll need to keep going until they see things your way - sadly that's based on experience. ESA may be better and you could accept the charities help with the form and based on the news the assessment is wrong as you could be in all sorts of pain etc and still get rejected Keep your head up
  15. Media would have you believe the refugees would have it easier whilst the reality is totally different You should know how it works to be rejected as they'll iinsfobe there's a job for you like button pushing plus you voted for the Tories and karma gotten you back
  16. I wouldn't count on the work coaches as they are there to do their job and treated you abysmally too often and there's extremely rare exceptions eg the ones on this site whose name I forget It's a lot better to go on forums like this for help and advice. Good luck
  17. My understanding is legally 35 hours isn't quite enforceable but they do pressure you to do that UJM is yours to choose whether to allow or deny permission. Make sure you understand what is expected of you as they live to move the goalposts There'll be minimum amounts for a day like 3 or 4 hours jobsearch but that's expected over 5 days I think and not 7 Good luck
  18. Probably expected to stay as they didn't expect any consequences
  19. Except the economy was recovering until the ConDems we're in Plus the new guy is as bad as the old one
  20. I think with Ingeus (plus the rest) you may get a minority of decent advisers who are genuine but the rest are just interested in getting as much money as possible for themselves and the company
  21. Does anything Ingeys ever do really help though? Plus I doubt they know many people in niche areas as they tend to want to get people into anything they could find off the net
  22. Your brother should appeal But it depends on what you tell them about the worst days plus if they reject your claim you must appeal
  23. Could try ESA to see if you can get that But yes - not paying when you aren't working isn't fair or good
  24. Can she appeal? It sounds rubbish how they treated her plus JSA means a minimum of two actions a week legally I believe
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