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  1. Yes it does seem risky claiming for non-protection. I'd be happy to claim for the desposit only via small track. If any guidance was available for me to follow that would be useful. I'd like to avoid paying for legal advice if at all possible to keep costs down. Apparently that's supposed to be doable via small track claim. Mark
  2. Hi I'm planning on taking my former landlord to court for failure to repay the deposit, which also was not protected under a tenancy deposit scheme. I'm not sure whether I'll be claiming for unpaid deposit (£600) or unprotected deposit. I'm a little daunted by it all and ideally I would like for some advice from somebody who has successfully claimed their deposit or for the unprotection of the deposit. If I'm successful, I'd like to write up a 'start to finish' or step-by-step guide covering all the procedures in bringing a successful claim, hopefully to be made a sticky for the
  3. Thanks very much for the assistance. I wondered, if I did take it to court, would it be very formal? i.e. both of us in a courtroom giving evidence/our view, at the same time? Also slightly disappointed at the lack of response to my thread. I was wondering if I could change the subject to something like How do I recover my tenancy deposit? it may get picked up easier. Thanks very much for the help. Mark
  4. Hi there Yes, I know his address. I'm glad to know that despite my tenancy agreement not being so straightforward, largely with it being verbal, that I could still be protected. I'll draft a letter this week. So far, he hasn't budged so I will suspect that the letter will be ignored. In which case, what would be the exact steps I would take to take him to court or some other form of action, in order to recoup the deposit and the possible additional compensation? Many thanks Mark
  5. Hi Lea I posted my main question in the same section in this forum: Residential and Commercial Lettings/Freehold Issues, subject: 'Unprotected tenancy deposit - trying to recover' Thanks. Mark
  6. Hello Everyone I've just started researching how to get my deposit back from my former landlord. I'd highly appreciate any advice anybody has to offer on the issue, so I'll try and keep it as straightforward as possible. Honeybee - thanks for moving the thread to the appropriate section of these forums. I discovered with glee the rules regarding that since April 2007 all deposits for an assured shorthold tenancy must be held in one of the approved schemes. My deposit was not protected. However, there are some tricky caveats in my case which may or may not impinge on my rights.
  7. Hi Everyone I'm new to this forum and wanted to get some advice regarding recovering my tenancy deposit. It was not protected, although my tenancy was not particularly straightforward and I'd be grateful for some advice on the issue. I'm finding this forum very difficult to navigate - is there a particular section I can start a thread on advice recovering a tenancy deposit? Many thanks. Regards Mark
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