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  1. Sorry Paul who is good on motabilty car subject and helpfull person
  2. I understand dear paul had an a surgery How did it go Paul hope your are better now we all missing you Uday
  3. Dose your partner work full time? I am in same boat as you. most of people who are in WRAG with out medic, have partner working full time
  4. Sorry what I meant was what are we going to do. We disabled people need to do some thing as this is vary hard on our health. this pressure of appealing getting medical proof and so on
  5. oops sorry and thanks Starryeyes52 for correct link
  6. Any thought? www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22112965
  7. Laura, can you please tell me what paper work or form you have taken to your g.p for regulation 29 & 35? Many thanks
  8. Is this Cam Patel is same person who use to work in optic industry?
  9. type esa35 on search and it will take you to list of esa numbers esa50 is for a4e
  10. Well done Marko and good luck to your dear wife relax is the word comes to mind
  11. Has any one notice advt. in daily mail mainly for disabled people i.e high chair -hearing aids- mobility scooter etc. and yet daily mail always against benefits if we disabled people do not support daily mail advertiser then daily mail is doom i do not buy any thing from daily mail advertiser
  12. Yes Nystagmite lot of changes all for the worst 39 tab. a day with nine injection a day but that is life
  13. I was going through paperwork which I received from DWP. D.M has not received copy of esa50 from ATOS my esa50 was received by atos but they lost it and dwp has tried there best to find but cannot find ( funny never ask me if i have copy of esa50) also d.m said in tribunal paper that i did not send any further evidence with my gl24 ( well I did send letter from my cons. from hospital clearly saying I can not walk more then 10 meters) so much waste of tax payer monies tribunal time and above all it is stressful like hell until I get decision from tribunal
  14. Ruby, In my case atos doctor has used 1995 med 3 as available evidence and D.M has gone along with atos. I had no f2f with atos
  15. just about to my tribunal paperwork and I was wondering what is the diff. between ESA85 and ESA85A Also on medical report form ADVICE I advice that the person meets the criteria for having limited capability for work. PROGNOSIS I advice that a return to work could be considered within 18 months. if advice to return to work 18 month why I am in wrag for one year this person who have produce esa85a has lied so much are doctors allowed to lie? where is ethics?
  16. I have appeal waiting for tribunal dates all supporting document are getting ready
  17. I received my p45 when I was put on WRAG
  18. I do not agree with this ATOS or DWP do not read esa50 in details. I also have notice that if you have partner and your partner is working then regardless of good filled esa50 and you medical condition dwp just put you in wrag wonder why
  19. Thanks Nystagmite, my old medical notes (1995)for Angina I was on tablets only now it is unstable and it not under control need patches 24 day and spray twice a day get breathless and pain in my chest. can not walk more then 10. funny thing is I did sent all the evidence to atos but they did not bother to read. I went to my G.P and he was so angry to read atos doctor report my heart specialist at hospital was angry and both of them have given me reports. by the way I also have so many other medical condition reading dwp support group dis. I should get more than 60 points.
  20. Many thanks estellyn yes honeybee has vary good sticky on how to prepare for tribunal and I have follow most of it. I did not had f2f and atos doctor has use old medical notes, what do I write ? how do I explain? etc.
  21. estellyn hi, I have question for you can you help me. I never went f2f with atos. doctor at atos used my old medical report it was done in 1995. well since then my medical condition has change so much. in fact I have sent so many evidence with my esa50 but doctor at atos did not bother looking at it. All time in report doctor from atos has said available evidence dose not suggest that client has so and so on all the way in three pages. I am waiting for tribunal date I have got all the supporting evidence i.e my g.p my hospital con. and so on. I am hoping to send all document to tribunal but not sure how to word my statement or covering letter. Many thanks
  22. Thanks Nystagmite, I also have two hearing aids and still can not hear so I shall use my vision and hearing issue as well as othe health problems I do have again many thanks
  23. I thank you all of you for quick replay and help
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