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  1. I think that is taking it a bit far. IPFAS own letter says - "Rest assured that you have not been accused of deliberately intending to avoid the fare, a Penalty Fare is not a fine, it is an enhanced fare the the train company is allowed to charge until the Penalty Fares Rules 2002 ....". So I think you are being somewhat dramatic by suggesting it is a criminal offence. I understand that the penalty had to be issued as I didn't have the card on me, however I don't accept that there is no appeal process that allows you to produce evidence that you were entitled to the fare you purchased. They don't consider the railcard as evidence in the appeal, even though their own website states you can send in railcards as evidence of supporting documentation. I don't see this as train companies losing out on revenue at all as if you dont have the railcard you cant appeal - and they can easily tell if you are a repeat forgetter offender. So, you may not agree with me, but I'll contain to believe it is just unfair on someone who makes an honest once off mistake.
  2. Hi, Myself and my travelling companion were recently charge a penalty of £42 each as I forgot to carry my network railcard. I paid on the spot, after the inspector assured me if I had a valid network railcard I could appeal. I subsequently appealed with evidence of my Network Railcard. The appeal was rejected outright for the reason that the ticket fare I was travelling on required that I travel with my Network Railcard. I then challenged that rejection on the basis that the appeal process clearly states that you can appeal in writing and produce supporting evidence including Railcards. However there seems to be absolutely no consideration given to subsequently producing a Railcard, which I think is exceptionally unfair when a fairly simply mistake was made but absolutely no wrong doing was made in regards to the fares paid or evasion etc. IPFAS have already rejected my letter twice. Is there anything further I can do, or am I just wasting my time. PS - the penalty notice issued to my companion incorrectly states the reason as "No Ticket" - where as my notice correctly states "No supporting evidence". Would I have any success re-appealing the first notice on a technicality as it contains the incorrect penalty reason?
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