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  1. Posting for a friend how do they go about reclaiming brighthouse insurance on goods?
  2. This may sound incredibly silly to anybody else but I have chronic anxiety problems. Yesterday I was driving into town (I live in Northern Ireland) and on a bend there was a speeding van and the area was a 30 mile per hour limit. I know for a fact that I'm very cautious and do stick to the speed limit, however on this occasion when I looked at my speedometer as I passed the van It Was hovering just over the 30, so it's possible I was doing maybe 31 or 32mph. Can anybody shed any light as to if they think I will be issued with a speeding ticket as I am also a restricted driver, as I live in Northern Ireland any new drivers that have passed their test within the last year have to display R plates it's not the fine Im concerned with its point please can somebody put my mind at ease. thank u
  3. it says default 01/11/2012 updated 31/06/2016 signed DRO shortly after default date around end of nov start dec. as it expired on 12th dec 2013
  4. it also says on the public info part no insolvencies recorded ? :/ sorry im very confused.
  5. its defaulted but should still be open on the credit file?
  6. barclays is the bank. loan was for help with moving house
  7. i cant find my last thread on this so many appoligies . in 2012 i took out a loan. sadly i lost my job not long after and fell behind with payments. in Dec 2012 i was granted a debt relief order which expired on 12th dec 2013. now my understanding is the debt is now written off but its showing as an open but defaulted account on my credit file. is this correct or should it read closed/ settled? every month has a red D next to it. i did have issues with the lender getting them to accept i had A DRO. they kept claiming they never got the paperwork from me or the insolvancy service. 2 copies from me by recorded post and 2 from the IS. they finally accknowledged it as soon as i lodged an official complaint. thank you.
  8. On May 17th of this year I received my esa50 questionnaire I received the help of my partner and c a b to fill this out and was waiting on numerous doctor's letters. I did not receive my last letter until the morning of the 6th of June once I had this it was copied added to the esa50 as evidence and everything else was posted by special delivery and was signed for on Tuesday 7th June as this was checked. As I suffer with many anxiety issues I phoned on the Friday of last week asking about how long would it be until I heard anything and would I still be paid in the meantime as I am due a payment tomorrow. payments were confirmed as still being made which was fine but I was informed that my support group Award was until August of this year and he did not understand why I have been sent an esa50 in May. I phoned again today as this confused me I had time to think about it over the weekend I was always told that my Award was until May 17th which was the exact date I received my questionnaire on. She then went on to tell me that I had been awarded three months in the support group from may of this year but I had not sent my esa50 back until June 6th so could not understand how they could have awarded it me from May. something to me doesn't sound right I feel as if they have extended it on the quiet as I am due to give birth at the start of July or sooner. I also feel as 3 months is not long enough for me and my doctors agree yet she informed me I could not appeal and I have received no letters telling me of this 3 months award. Also it is highly likely I will then they receive another esa50 in August and have to go through this all over again. please if somebody could advise me on what I could do or ask next as I feel highly confused that I have been awarded support group from may even though they did not receive my questionaire until June. thank you
  9. Hello. Not advice as such but u think uv been had. They cannot force you or say u have to enter into another contract with them just for moving house.So in my opinion its been misold. Also if u did owe them money you tell them how much u can reasonably afford to pay not the other way around. I would make a formal complaint to them. As for the Debt collection waffle they can do nothing to you. im sure others with better knowlege will ve along soon to help. Wiseajak
  10. i have a copy of ny last ess 50 that CAB helped me with and my partner to help with this one. i have all my ketters from lastt time too with my doctots doqgnosis
  11. Appoligies if in incorrect place. Any Help and advice Gratefully Appreciated. Im currently on ESA supoort group and my esa50 questionaire has landed. I am in panic and my hormones not to mention my anxiety is bursting. Im 32 weeks pregnant and i have filled out the form using last times as a reference as im manic about keeping copies of forms. I have a melody of Health problems; anxiety depression, still recovering from my cancer diagnosis and Op in 2013. Its left me with a weakend leg as i lost alot of muscle tissues and fat etc. Numbness too. Walking can can be an issue and even more so now with my pregnancy as i have Pelvic Joint Pain. I also suffer with Facet Joint Disfuction (Siatica) and A Generalised panic disorder and moderate depressive illness. Iv used those words safely , reliably and repeatedly through out my form and mentioned of regulation 35, that doing any work or work related activity would be of risk to my health and my unborn child. I have also asked for letters of support from my doctors and have 2 of 3 of them already. I have until the 17th june to return it all. My doctor gave me a copy of the letter he wrote in 2014 which i was slightly dissapointed with but feels this is sufficient. I have one from my CBT therapist and waiting on my Psychiatriats letter. Any help and advice of anything further that i can do would be of help. I keep telling myself that to Be placed in the WRAG if that happened would be silly as im not available for work or fit for any either. But they are evil. I also have a 2 year old. Im beyond terrified of them stopping my payments. I catastrophise everything. I am in NI. Incase the rules are different In england. Please Help
  12. yes i did have a look from the offset. but nothing as far as i can see. i will look again thank you
  13. Result! Had a phone call yesterday from 02. They have Upheld my complaint. The manager who was meant to apply my credit did but to the inccorect account. meaning the old account remained unpaid. BUT they are leaving that on making my bill half this month and have given me free line rental for next month as well as clearing the old accounts balance for the trouble. happy days!
  14. Update Ok so that day i recieved a call back from a manager.I explained the above to her but was still saying its a bill owed. which judgeing by those figures i dont. Anyway. i was at hoapital when ahe called so i reluctantly offered and paid half of what they were claiming i owed. and 02 would apply a credit for the other half. Fast forward to today... around lunchtime i tried to send a text. I couldnt. Long story short they had put a barr on my phone. The Agent went on to say that it was from an old account and there was a balance still due. I reiterated the above and she placed me on hold. The manager Failed to apply the credit as promised, this was written on my account notes but not done. She then went on to say that her supervisor would duly apply the credit later today but my servicew may take 24hours to come back. i find this unexceptable as i live in a very rural area and im 29 weeks pregnant. I need my phone should i need to call for help. i have emailed there complaints department and wiol take it to the ombudsman if i have to as i feel its very shoddy service i have requested that they refund me the half of the bill i paid as goodwill for their error. i believe this to be a fair request. what are your thoughts here. any other advice would be greatly welcomed.
  15. I do remember however it took them a while to acknowledge I had one as I have to get the official receiver to get them to stop sending me collection letters. they only acknowledged it once I got the ombudsman involved. they kept denying receipt of any letters. but if all looks good in appreciate ur time
  16. date of default 01/11/12 DRO taken out a week or two later. DRO expired 12/12/13 has months up till now- 31st March 2016 with red dots next to them
  17. Ok sorry if this is simple. Iv viewed my credit file on Noodle and I'm having a hard time understanding it. I have numerous closed files under 02. saying settled. it's like every mobile contract iv had is on it. normal? anyway the main one i wanted to.ask. about is a barclays loan I had in 2012 that I had to sadly get wrote off by Debt Relief order due to loss of employment. it's still saying it's active and in default. but I thought my DRO took care of it. it was defiantly on it. sorry if I'm being stupid I just don't get it. thanks in advance for help
  18. ok excuse me if this isn't in the correct place. I recieved a text from the Housing people saying to call then about my claim. At first I thought this was a [problem] as if never heard of them sending texts. But my curiosity got the better of me so I rang up and explained. I'm so glad I did because they informed me that theye had a notification from the ESA people that apparently I had moved address..but I haven't. she told me that I should contact them to find out what was going on. so this is what I done. They said that the had been told of a change of address and that I'd moved to england. I live in NI. I firmly told them that this is incorrect and how the hell had this happened as all payments had been suspended also. Anyway they said I would recieve a call back from someone In that department. long story short he put my address back to normal but my question is how the hell could this have occurred. ? his words were the address had downloaded to the file. but surely they have to be applied and dont just appear? this has caused me significant stress and worry. I'm doubtful the this way just an error as they reconfirmed my name and NI number and all was correct. Anyone shed any light on what could of happened? malicious intent maybe? someone trying to be me? very worried as he couldn't or wudnt tell me specifically how it occurred thank u in advance
  19. ok so I manged to view the old account on my 02. It doesn't make any sense. £193.80 was due. was credited £4.30 VAT back making it £189.50 They bring forward a balance of £148.47 a figure iv never heard of. leaving £41.03. the amount that they claim I now owe. but I paid them £189.90!!! £148.47+£41.03 = what I paid!!!! £189.50. so there's 40p extra paid as well. this makes no sense to me surely this proves I owe them nothing.
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