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  1. Thanks for this, I think is the way forward. At the moment, I'm under treatment for a serious medical condition - it may be C - it's very painful and I would like to put off confrontation for two or three months to see what the treatment/tests yield. If I were not to reply, I understand that they would keep calling, I'll just not answer the phone to them. Writing to them, I at the moment can't really deal with a confrontation, for the moment. If I inform them that, due to the above, I should be classed as vulnerable and that my payment was made on the 8th, I'm hoping that they'll leave me alone for a few months, then I can hit them with the cca requests...
  2. Hello, I wonder if I could get some advice. In 2008 I took out a loan with LLoyds TSB and paid it successfully until 2012, the balance was £8500 approx at that time. Since then I've been struggling financially and healthwise. For the first years after the default in 2012, I maintained a small DMP with them, but even that became too much and I went down to £1 a month in 2016 . In 2017, they sold the debt on to PRA and I maintained payment after going to Stepchange for advice. Periodically, they've called me and I've been able to carry on with this. This year has been different, my wife died earlier in the year and since then, I've had to be there for my kids and have not been in a good place mentally as her death - after months - is still awaiting an inquest and I have not yet fully come to terms with it. The payments have been made by DD and I have not missed one, I've checked and it was on time - their letter alleges breach as I did not make payment 08/072019, I've checked and I have, the payment date is quoted as 09/07/2019. The letter is dated 19/08/2018. Because of my mental state, I haven't, been answering the phone really unless it's a family member as I can't really take the burden of the stress - I have several debts, most of which have been sold on, they've been ringing me too I guess - so I suppose I must take some blame as I should have answered. However, PRA have been the only one to have done this, using a provable lie to pressurised . Obviously, I must force myself to respond to this, but I'm ill, I'm out of work now and I lack clarity at the moment and I'm not sure how to respond to this as I'm not fit for a prolonged dispute. Any advice that could be given so that I can write to them would be greatly appreciated,
  3. Not sure how to reply to this duff CCA that they've sent me. The most blatant error is that it has the wrong address, as I had a credit card with them long before I lived there. Not sure I want to say specifically that though as it would just give them a chance to cobble up some other fraudulent document. Do I just say that it is not a true copy as it contains basic factual errors? What constitutes a true copy anyway?
  4. It was a lump sum PPI, paid at the start of the loan.
  5. There have been some developments of late. LLoyds have coughed up on the PPI for a loan from four years ago, The negative is that they only gave me 8% simple interest, that works out at less than 2% per year, when they charged me 20%. I have not replied to them, I am scared to cash the cheque. I asked them for a true copy CCA on my credit card what they sent back was duff See below on another post i made tonight. Since I got the letter, I have been getting calls from a company called Wescot - I don't know who for as they never leave a message. I just have the feeling that they are planning something nasty in revenge for my claim. Maybe even a move to BR now that they have something to go for. I want to try and arrange FFO's with my creditors, but I don't think that I have enough with just the simple interest and I don;t think that LLoydsTSB are going to give me the chance to. Can anyone suggest a positive course of action, do I hang on to the cheque or cash it?
  6. Well I've heard nothing from them and the deadline was 13th December what can I do about it? I have a feeling that they just want to fob me off without any further reply and force me to go to the FO.
  7. I applied to LLoydsTSB for a true copy credit card CCA . In the same letter I also asked if they had assigned the debt and if they had could they send my a copy of the deed of assignment - a company called APEX are chasing me. What they sent back was not a true copy, it had the wrong address on it and bears no resemblance to anything I've signed credit card wise. Also it bore what I could only describe as a tirade against me engaging companies that promise to write off debt with extracts from the ministry of justice etc. At the same time I sent of a SAR, duly signed on an anti-tamper seal, pretty sharpish - basically at the same time - I got a reply back with a form asking for my signature - or alternatively suggesting that I nominate a branch to pick up the data. What do I do? I don't want to attend a branch under any circumstances, I already signed my request.As for the CCA what doI do now? It looks duff to me. I took out the credit card decades ago, they have always rolled over over the years, and I have never signed anything like that. It looks like they have taken an old loan agreement from a few years ago and super-imposed some credit card stuff on it. PS. They totally ignored my question about the DCA APEX
  8. It wil be more than that, I paid, on average, about £75 month for 10 years.
  9. Thanks DX just banged off the letter and a SARS as I am in default on the card and have sold the debt, after thinking today, I think they have no intention of paying whatever.
  10. In October I made a complaint to MBNA over my PPI on my credit card. I then got two letters over the space of a few weeks. One acknowledging the complaint and another apologising for the delay in resolving it. Then I got this letter You may recall that we recently contacted you asking for you to confirm details. I regret to inform you that we have not received sufficient information to identify you. We are therefore, unable to proceed with the investigation into the issues you have raised. However, if you could verify the information, we will look to address any concerns raised. In Addition, to ensure your complaint is dealt with promptly, please quote the reference at the top of this letter. This letter acts as our final response in relation to this matter and you now have the right to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, within 6 months of the date of this letter. I received no such communication asking for identification, it is a deliberate lie. If anyone can give me advice I would be very grateful. Do I have to go to the FSO now? or can I call their bluff.
  11. Thanks, it is just very alarming. I am what probably be classed as a vulnerable person - bipolar - so my capacity for dealing with this varies greatly according to what mood I am in. Some times I think panic mode sometimes I could not give a bugger some times it feels like it has nothing to do with me. I am thinking of complaining to their compliance department as what they have done is so confusing. By the way,don't mean to be obtuse but what does SOLS mean?
  12. I am not sure the PPI thing is legal. When they wrote to me formally informing me of the default, they said they were "Automatically terminating the agreement". If they have done that how can they alter it? Or if they have no True Copy?
  13. Thanks. their language is so confusing. You see on my overdraft they stopped me paying into my account and Apex wrote to me.I'm a bit confused by all this.
  14. Hi there, I have had a 2 letters in one from LloydsTSB concerning the credit card,1st one with the Lloyds letter head goes The second one - in the same envelope -with the Apex letter head goes Is this a formal notice of assignment?
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