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  1. Humm think we sorta jumped the point of my post..anyway many thanks to those that helped n understood where i was coming from... As far as i am concerned my problem has now been sorted and hopefully things will be on the up in future..Thanks again x
  2. Serriously??? NO way on gods earth would i take another crisis loan out, EVER...it was there fault in the 1st place i had to take it out..i changed benifits and was told There wont be any money break as its a straight swap over benifit change ..ha ha ha..nope it wasnt , it was a new claim and as such had to wait nearly 4 weeks to be processed as such had no money coming in and HAD to take the 100.00 crisis loan to be able to live..I took 100.00 as it was the smallest amount we could manage on, I didnt want a big loan to repay.. Just had a call from their loan manager who said Quote: They shou
  3. Soooo angry today checked my account n the DHSS have taken again the 23.00 per week crisis loan payments after agreeing to reduce them to 10.00 a week...rang them only to be told that the signed agreement to the reduced amount Didnt reach them in time for the deduction to be reduced on this jsa payment...I returned the form with 10 mins of getting it sent back 3 days b4 i signed on yet they didnt get it in time...She said on the phone I agreed at the time of taking the crisis loan to the repayments of 23.00 per week...i cant remember agreeing to that at all...anyhow yet again i have only half
  4. All travel expensise are also re imbursed once they know what the travel will cost its added to the weekly amount he/she gets so yr never out of pocket, also my lad was told if he ever had a problem getting in to ring and they would arrange to pick him up n drop him home again. Also the meals are also all provided to..All trips are paid for by them. My son has been there just 2 weeks and already been on a Army assult team building course, a Canal/ narrow boat day out/ and a sports day in a local leisure center. We live in a small village so travel is a nightmare to it would have been £
  5. £40.00 doesn't sound a lot but it makes a big difference, if the lad/lass hasn't a job and cant claim as they are under 18..The £40.00ish is on top of the child benifit n child tax credits i can claim ..The Rushmere academy where my son has embarked on is classed as full time education..as he is taking a learning foundation course to re take his G.C.S.E's its a stepping stone for youngsters who need a goal/help and otherwise would be unemployed, not in education and no money or real future. £40.00 to me is a fortune, we had next to nothing now with these guys help we have a good future ahead
  6. hi huni i really feel for you its soul distroying try these for your 17 year old http://www.rathboneuk.org/ My lad went through the under 18's advisor at connections they were totally brill , Rathbones have places all over the uk might help hun x chin up thing do get better..its a long haul x
  7. now that both are in full time further education eg college yes i can re apply to get the child tax n child benifit re-instated.. it ended when they left full time education..but now there both back in it..(hope that make sence lol) also Rathbone...look here http://www.rathboneuk.org/ I never knew it exsisted till last week...son is luvin it
  8. Not a prob hunni x and theres nothing to forgive x also any spare gas send my way lol..i can use it to cook hehehe. Things are on the up here at the mo benifits reduced my payments back to them for the crissis loan and also have had child ben n child tax re calculated as both lads are now in full time education again...one son has a placement on a the Rathbone scheme and is chuffed to monkeys...all down to you guys giving info that lead to this so many many ty's to all x
  9. No WE dont have braodband my nextdoor neighbour does and he thankfull lets me tap into it for job hunting etc...some people do care enought to help btw the laptop i use is also one of his old ones Also as regards selling thing yes already gone down this road...anything worth anything has been sold to put gas, elect n food on the table... but as i said thing seem to be looking up so thanks to thoses who tryed to help and set me on the right path x
  10. Spot on Estellyn i was told that to..child ben n child tax are the best way to go for us but thankyou for the reply..hopefulyl things are on the up thanks to all x
  11. humm shes confused so am i lol...right i will wait on a letter from the council and see whats said then i will quote the sites you have listed (just had a read) it certainly says 18 not 17 so looks like i might be having yet another arguement with them..silly as she was/is the housing benifits adviser so you would think (ha ha) she would know what she is at...anyway many thanks will keep you posted x
  12. update: the Non depandant charge was for my daughter ..who i had already informed them moved out ..I informed them that over 18 months ago...doh!!! they said i DIDNT tell them so i asked ok IF i didnt tell you ..how come you have never charged me for a non dependant before now and my daughter is 25?? Reply..ermmmm ahhhh well... and AS my daughter doesnt live with me you cant charge me for her now anyway, also i can prove where she has been living the last 18 months... ok said the council housing benifit lady..we will amend that..however... they CAN charge a non dependant age 17 IF they no l
  13. Quick update guy..1st ty for ALL replys x.. okies my lad went to connection to see the under 18's adviser..he now has been given a place in a Achedemy/school to re-take his English and Math G.C.S.E also has been sorted a £40.00 a week payment to help with this and also looking into Income support for him due to hardship..also been told now he is in Full time education starting tomorrow i can re-claim child benifit n child tax for him...so things looking up here thank fully...also the Crissis loan has been stopped untill they re assess the level they are taking it per week..they still took 2 we
  14. the letter states... Your claim has been adjusted because: A NON DEPENDANT CHARGE IS NOW APPLICABLE...Thats how it is writted and on the letter it stats i must now pay a 12.40 a week towards the housing benifit from 3rd sept 2012 to 24th dec 2012 and 7th jan 2013 to 18th march 2013....and in answer to Estellyn He is off to see a under 18's adviser next week was the earliest he could get in ... oh also that this 12.40 is now in arrears and the 37.20 is now due to clear the arrears...nice only got the darn letter today saying they had adjusted it...ok i officially give up
  15. Income..what income he has no income.. he cant claim anything at 17 (17 today i may add) ) ..so what their saying is.. because i now get less child benifit and less child tax i have to pay rent for a child that i get nothing for???? I would say he is more of a dependant now as he has nothing, he was going to join the army but his gcse results werent high enought to join, infantry wouldnt take him as he wasnt the right build according to them.. now he is stuck with no job, no money so i have to provide for him (i would NEVER abandon him) he has tryed the college but as he didnt enroll none wi
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