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  1. Hi. Yes keep us posted & I will do the same. I have sent a letter to Credit Style telling them to transfer my account back to Black Horse (a lady at Black Horse told me to send the letter to them) so just waiting to see what happens now. I am also going to write to Black Horse as I have tried to communicate with them over the phone but they have failed to reply to me so far. I think everything needs to be written and recorded post from now on. Good Luck. x
  2. Hi. Thanks for the reply. There is no way I can pay the £487 plus spread the arrears over the remaining term. I was going to write to Black Horse and tell them I will pay £500 per month, commencing the last day of September onwards, which is the monthly payment plus a small amount towards the arrears and when my financial situation improves I will pay more towards the arrears. I have just paid £250 & will pay another £250 by the end of the month. Just hope they will accept this, can't really offer anything else at this stage. When I met with their representative in my home in October last year I made the reduced payment arrangement and she said the arrears could be paid at the end of the agreement. I did arrange another meeting with them at my home at the end of June but they didnt turn up!! I have also called them several times to discuss and was promised a call back but they didnt return my calls. Many Thanks again.
  3. Hi Ell-enn. Its all a bit of a mess really because Credit Style said its over £6000 but I spoke to Black Horse the other day and they told me it was £5281. The agreement is due to end December 2014. Many Thanks
  4. Hi Ell-enn. Thanks for the advice. I would really appreciate a copy of the letter template. Thank You.
  5. Not sure if I have penalty charges, I don't have PPI. Is an SAR details of everything the company holds on you?
  6. Thank you so much for the advice. I will resume the payment as you state and tell Credit Style where to go!! Thanks again x
  7. No I have not paid since May, I was trying to discuss further with them but they did not reply to my calls or turn up for an arranged appointment. Credit Style told me I have to pay £970 for 12 months, £487 monthly payment and the rest is the arrears repay. Now I can just about afford to pay the £487 installment but unsure about the arrears.
  8. Thank you. I have paid over a 1/3 rd which is £11,500 but less than 1/2. Total amount payable is £30,407.
  9. Hi. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place I am a new to the site. Please could someone help, very worried. I have a HP Agreement with Black Horse for my car purchased in December 2009. I made all payments on time until September 2011. I then had payment difficulties and made an arrangement for reduced payments which ended in May this year. A representative from Black Horse was supposed to call to see me to discuss in June but never showed up. I called and text him several times but had no response. There was no further communication from Black Horse and then a letter from Credit Style arrived and the constant telephone calls started last month asking me to contact them regarding the arrears with Black Horse. I called Black Horse to ask who they were and they said Credit Style were now dealing with my arrears and BH could not help me any further. I asked why their representative didn't show up and they said he was on the sick and his manager should have called me to discuss but didn't. I pointed out that this was unfair to transfer my account without giving me the opportunity to discuss and was promised a call back by a manager but never had one. Still being hounded by Credit Style I called them and the arranged to come to my house yesterday to discuss the arrears. Basically said pay the arrears in full and resume normal monthly payments or sign a Voluntary Surrender Authority to give the vehicle back which I dont want to do. He kept waving the form in from of me to sign but I signed nothing and after 2 hours told him enough was enough and to leave, they called me again this morning asking me to sign the VSA as there was not much time for me to think about it. If I did not sign it they would take me to court and come and collect the car. I called Black Horse again today but they keep saying deal with Credit Style. Credit Style are calling me back on Monday expecting me to sign the VSA. I feel I am being bullied into signing the form. Very worried and not sure what to do next.
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