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  1. Hi, Yes, the two debts are mine. I have been paying £50 a month for a while. hould I just write to them and say that for the next month or two, I am going to be struggling?
  2. Hello, I really hope you can help me. I am a single woman and have recently found myself in quite severe financial trouble. I have a debt of £2300 with Lowells (Black Horse Finance - 2007) and £2950 with Link Financial (Barclaycard - 2001). I had an arrange with both of them, paying £50 PCM. I am not currently in a position to pay this and I am scared of what will happen next. I don't understand how the law sees this situation. They phone quite regularly. I have read here that I don't have to answer their calls. Is that true? I don't know if I have PPI. Thank you for reading this.
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