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  1. Consider the SAR done (just need to post it recorded delivery in the morning) , I'm wondering how awkward this particular company is with this sort of stuff. Can I expect them to go through the usual delaying tactics of proving my identity, continual delaying letters etc.
  2. OK then, SAR it is. Does anyone have any experiences dealing with Candid Collections / Simply Be?
  3. Hi Brigadier2JCS Thanks for the fast response. In our original letter to them we requested three items: 1. True copy of the alleged agreement 2. Signed true & certified copy of the original default notice 3. Deed of assignment if the debt was sold on So from what you are saying the copy of the credit agreement with just their signature and no date meets the requirements of the CCA statutory request? I can understand what you saying about the statements, i.e. if they provide statements showing my partners use of the account then acceptance of the T&C's is implici
  4. Hi All, After having a re-mortgage declined recently due to a poor credit rating I checked both my partners and my own credit history with a couple of agencies and found some defaults registered against us. Not realising we had these and following similar threads on here I sent of a few letters to the companies involved asking for more info, copies of the credit agreement and Default Notice etc. along with the £1 statutory fee. I have just received a reply back from one of these companies, "Candid Collections Limited trading as Simply Be", this is an old catalogue account. They have
  5. Thanks for reply and moving me into the right forum. I haven't sent of the SAR yet, so I will make sure that I send it the Three. So this default isn't covered by the CCA? Is there similar legislation that covers mobile phone contracts? I am concerned that a default was registered against me apparently without my knowledge or notification. In this case the default was registered in Feb 2007 so I believe it will disappear from my CRA reported early next year but I still want to know how / why is was registered in the first place.
  6. Hi All, I am looking for a little advice: I was recently declined a mortgage and as a result I ran a credit check against myself with the three major Credit Reference Agencies. When I received the results I found that I had a default registered against me by Lowells, unaware of who the company was and what the default was for I sent them off a request for for further details including a copy of the credit agreement this default referred to and a signed copy of the default notice. I have finally received a response from them and it turns out that this was in relation to a Mobile
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker on the forums and used to have an account previously (i4000), however that account doesn't let me post any more (probably due to lack of use) so I created myself a new account . Anyway, the site is great and has loads of useful information and now that I can post again I jolly well hope to get a bit more involved. Cheers Ian
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