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  1. I work 24 hours a week for minimum wage and my partner does not work at all she looks after our 3 kids
  2. I am on working tax credits and my partner gets child tax and child benefit. We really can't afford to pay much else really, we have more money going out than coming in usually
  3. And we went into the council to try to make the agreement and got passed to their lawyer.
  4. It was one of the council lawyers and we have not had a court summons yet. They have said we can pay our rent and that extra pound or so but unless we give them at least an extra five pound to the arrears they will still log us in court for proceedings.
  5. Hi i am in debt to aberdeen city council for non payment of rent because we just could not afford it. We also got hit with about a thousand pounds of overpaid rent and council tax because they lost a leeter we handed in a year ago about my earnings.They already take ten pounds off our benefits to pay that arrears but we just went in and tried to make an agreement to try and payoff arrears but the court person we talked to said its still getting logged in court because after we pay our rent, which is now an extra ten pound because they are taking 10 off our benefits which we then have to make u
  6. I will look into the debt more and ask the council about it. I am no longer at same address but have lived at my new one for about 5 years with my partner and it is a joint council tenancy. Also my partner phoned up Scott and co today for her debt and was told that have sent out an epxpenditure form and she must fill it in and send it back and they will decide how much we pay back otherwise they will not set up an agreement and we shall be open to further action, can they do this I thought only courts could ask for expenditure.
  7. Can anyone help me please I got a visit from Scott and co last year saying I owe 3000 to Aberdeen city council, they couldn't tell me why or how the debt arose they just had a figure. Obviously I couldn't pay that right there so I set up an agreement and paid them for most of last year and a bit of this year. I have recently learned about debts being statue barred after six years and they called me recently so i asked them the date of the debt ant it is from 1994- 1996 and I never found out about the debt or had any contact about it till last year, how does this affe
  8. right just got off the phone with brighthouse and am reallyannoyed, I missed a payment on saturday and phoned to pay them and they just forced me to pay my dlc even though i stated that it had lapsed because I had missed the payment . He told me i had to pay it because I am not payi9ng a back payment, I am simply paying what i missed. He also told me that I had to pay it because I have not provided them with another cover for the goods. I pointed out that if something had broken last week they probably would not have fixed it because it had lapsed, he even s
  9. cool will keep post updated. thanks
  10. so i guess the next step would be to file a claim in the county court?
  11. got this today Hello Miss Rennie The email sent by Rachel on 19th October does give our final answer to your complaint and I can forward a copy of it to you if you wish. If you're certain you can't accept it then your case will be closed and we'll wait to hear from your legal representative. Thanks David Reilly Three Executive Office
  12. i got a letter this morning from them, they are saying they will take us to a solicitor and they have not acknowledged receipt of the letter even though i have proof they have received it. have not checked credit sent the letter to ask them to supply proof of debt but they ain't done that yet.
  13. ok have done that now will keep you posted.
  14. iqor have still not replied to my letter I sent them one about a month ago but forgot the tracking number so i sent another a couple of weeks later but they still have not got in touch so i reckon they won't be anytime soon if they do will let you all know what they say.
  15. Just got this e-mail today as well. Should i just e-mail back and say that I am away to start court action because they are not fulfilling their duties or something? Hello Miss Rennie My colleague Rachel and I have emailed you a few times over the past several weeks to discuss your complaint, since we don't have a valid phone number for you. As yet, I can’t see that you've replied. I'd appreciate it if you could give me a call at the Executive Office on 08433 733330 (5p/min from a BT landline, other networks may vary), or reply to this email. We’re open Monday to
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