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  1. Sorry i have only just managed to get back on.. and thankyou for your advise.. I have gone voluntary reposession route the mortgage company have agreed and i am moving out this weekend. I'm getting a house (rent) in my name and partner wont be moving in for a bit anyway ( if he does at all !!!!! ) so i shall see what happens, I'm just worried with our relationship being so uncertain he'll move in pay the bills 50% everything fine i'm paying what i owe etc then BANG on my own again... ! ah well i suppose pointless worrying about what may or may not happen.. anyway again thankyou
  2. Thanks for the reply thats what i am intending to do ill not sign anything if theirs and write my iwn letter Im not yet bankrupt but dont want to not be able to include the shortfall when i do x thanks for your reply. Oh and i am not in arrears im moving due to other reasons and have agreed with mortgage voluntary repossesion is the best way to proceed. Im moving at the weekend so once house is empty ill send the letter off recorded i will also send the keys so responsibility is no longer mine. Just to be sure ill keep paying the house ins for another month incase it gets tra
  3. HiI am currently being voluntary repossessed, there will be a shortfall with the house which i expect, The lady at the CAB advised me not to sign a particular form and just wondered if any of you thought the attached form if i signed could cause me future difficulties IF i went bankrupt at a later stage?I can't see any obvious wording but would like a second / everyone opinion before i sign and reurn my keys.Kind regards
  4. Hi All, Any advise would be apprieicated after another sleepless night - i need to take action and fast. A bit of back ground.I own my own house (mortgaged) - there would be a shortfall of 20-25k if sold / repossesed. I currently work full time and have a small child ( at school) Due to my house and area deteriorating very quickly I am desperate to move, for my own sanity and for my child. the area ( literaly my street) is drug riddled, and simply a horrible place to live. I ( when back full time) will earn approx £1200 per month and my outgoings are £1300 per
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