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  1. ok i i have worked out that £27 a month of what i was paying was for ppi so working with your formula it shoulld be (27*12)* 5 as it was over 5 years + 8% dos this sound right
  2. Hi so what they offerd me sounds right or do i get the intrest on the ppi back as well or should i go to the fso. the loan is still running so thanks for your help so far
  3. Hi yes i have the got the agreement and i not sure what you mean by the record the repayments you have made i have the orinal documentation and know i have paid the 168 pounds each month thanks
  4. HI i have a first plus loan which was taken out just under 5 years ago. i visited their site to claim back my ppi the loan was FOR about £13k and they added the ppi loan of about 2500k. i was paying aroud £168 amonth back. they have now said that that i was misssold and are offering the following : a refund of £1680 + *% interest also the will take 250k ppi + intrest of the loan my payments will be to around 140 a month its this correct or should i get the whole of the ppi money and my payments stay the same? the £1680 is the 140 - 1
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