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  1. Thank you so much for the info that's great.
  2. I bought a bike from Argos 4 months ago and it developed fault. I rang customer services up who told me I had to pay for a bike report to prove it was a manufacturer's fault and not misuse. After kicking up a fuss they told me under the Sales of Goods Act that if a product developed a fault after 30 days it was up to ME, THE CUSTOMER TO PROVE IT WAS FAULTY!! No matter who I spoke to they were not budging on this. After looking at the sales of Goods Act it said if a fault develops within the first 6 months it is up to the supplier to prove it and not the customer. Argos are still not budging. I have said that I am now going to go to Trading Standards. They said that was fine but will be told the same. The arrogance of Argos - they are at fault but no that they are a large company and perhaps know Trading Standards will not do anything about it. I havent dealt with Trading Standards before and perhaps that is a bit harsh, and maybe they will be able to help me. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ARGOS UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO PAY FOR A REPORT BEFORE YOU GET A REFUND OR CAN SWAP THE PRODUCT.
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