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  1. The only way I can guess that I Go 4 got my details was through a car insurance search website. At the time of thisCCJ I insured with the RAC, THEN THE sAGA. aT NO POINT DID i TAKE OUT INSURANCE WITH ig4 . They certainly never wrote to me saying I owed them money. The debt is for £235., so if I did owe, I would have paid it, but I knew nothing about it and to this day have never heard from J C International or IG4.
  2. I have a court date coming up soon to have a CCJ set aside. The debt is for a small amount that I know nothing about. It was filed by I Go 4 a car insurance company who I have never had dealings with. This CCJ is now listed as being filed by J C International. What I would like to know is do I keep chasing I Go 4 as they filed it? There has never been any contact from IG4 at all. No warning letters, nothing but a nasty surprise on my credit file. It is the same with JCU, no contact at all. I have moved address since IG4 filed, but there was a redirection of post for a year after moving and no contact. If I am successful in removing this CCJ on the grounds that I know nothing about it, certainly never took out car insurance with them, I am going to sue for filing a malicious and inaccurate credit report. Any advice on this would be most welcome. Thank you.
  3. I have held a basic bank account with this shower for 12 months. In that time I never went overdrawn or bounced any payments. The account was always in credit. About 3 months ago I noticed that my debit card was blocked as I couldn't use it online. After 12 phone calls where they lied to me it is still blocked, I am blind and disabled so rely on a working debit card to buy food. I have been unable to do this. Today they wrote giving me 2 months notice of closing my account What I don't understand is why. Why they blocked the card in the first place, They cited anti fraud measures. My guess is that I use the American Amazon site and a VPN. It does seem a bit iffy that they open the account and then engineer it so that I go elsewhere, which I have done. Unfortunately, the new bank seems as useless as HSBC with poorly trained and disinterested staff who will do anything to avoid helping their customers. I have found the entire experience of banking with HSBC of rude and lying staff. They saw something on their screens that made them hang up on me! My advice to anybody of thinking of opening an account with this bank is.....don't. There are better alternatives on the market.
  4. I would write to Moorcroft and say this debt is in dispute with Argos and they should not be trying to collect on it. This contravenes various debt collection rules. The next letter is to Argos disputing all these late fees and charges. Then tell them you have paid for than enough and are not paying more. See what they do.
  5. You can pick up washing machines for free on Freegle. Join your local group and make a request. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you might be offered. Another good source is Ebay. Look for a Miele washing machine. They are the best and many people will sell one cheap as they move house and the new place has one built in. These machines can cost over £1000 and you can pick one up for as little as £50. Brigthouse are a rip off for the poor and gullible. Their interest, insurance, late fees, missed payment fees means will take all your money. Washer/dryers are notoriously unreliable and prone to breaking.
  6. I rung the Northampton bulk clearing centre and was put off by being number 25 i the queue! The next day was better and I was 17. They soon get through the list so persevere anybody if you have to ring these clowns. The company that sued me was I Go 4 car insurance. I vaguely remember using them. The insurance was'nt re-newed as I changed the car and got a better deal. It was out of contract by then. So far I have written to them asking a Subject Access Request on all information they hold on me to get to the bottom of this. I have sent off the N244 form asking for the judgement to be set aside as I knew nothing about it and certainly received nothing from I Go 4. Now I am waiting. Anybody else had dealings with these people? The alleged debt must be sub £200 if that as they sued for £280. When I left them I certainly owed them no money. We'll see what the SAR brings.
  7. I received a parking charge notice from Athena APNR. They do the Lidl car parks. They have gone after the registered keeper of the vehicle claiming I am responsible as I am the keeper. At the time of the offence I wasn't the driver. The car is owned by me as I am disabled and it used for hospital trips etc. As I understand it the keeper is only liable under certain circumstances, the owner is under no obligation to tell these people anything. I'm sick and tired of bullies like these parking companies claiming you have infringed some petty rule and now must pay an extortionate penalty. The Department of Transport state that charges must be reasonable for the loss to the landowner. They can't be so huge that they become a penalty. You have no obligation to tell these parasites anything. As it is a civil debt the onus is on them to prove their case, not for you admit it and do their job for them. Write back and tell them that you have informed the driver and leave it at that. I asked Athena for a photo of the alleged driver. Needless to say I am still waiting.
  8. I too had dealings with Cabot regarding an old credit card debt. With the help of this site and various others I managed to fight them off. It seems that they specialize in buying up old debts that have done the rounds and nobody has got anything from. They then come on heavy with court dates and summonses. What they don't have ar the original documents like the original contract, terms and conditions that were valid at the time of the CC being taken out. All they have are some bad photocopies that they have hashed together in the office hoping that these will frighten you into paying. That is the secret of their game...fear and your ignorance. Remeber it is they who have to prove their case at every step of the way. https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=81b46eee-ede4-44b5-9c69-bb024ec197bd Isn't the 31CPR the one where they have 14 days in which to provide the evidence of documents, especially one with your alleged signature on? If they don't provide them within 14 days then all actions must cease until they do.
  9. Thank you for your replies so far. I found out I had a CCJ by renewing my membership to Check My File. Unfortunately it doesn't show who the claimant is. Like you I suspect that it Lowell. If it is the debt I am thinking of with them it must be statute barred by now or very nearly on the cusp. This will be a last ditch attempt by Lowell to try and screw some money from me for a debt that isn't mine. Unfortunately I have a very unusual name so it makes it easier for them to trace me. Like I said I don't borrow money and I haven't done for years which probably made it easier for the fraudsters. Along with the letter I wrote I did print off a form N244 ( I think ) it was on the Government page for county courts/defending an action. If they if not that letter I certainly have the N244 form now and with the link you have provided I will soon know who the claimant is. If it is Lowell do you have any further advice on dealing with them like making a formale complaint to the FSA, Trading Standards and other professional bodies they belong to.?
  10. Today I checked my credit file for the sheer hell of it. Personally I'm not bothered what it says as I don't borrow money. Made those mistakes years ago and now my file is at zero. However what I did find was a CCJ for £280 issued last October. Whoever the claimant was didn't write to me at my current address despite being on the electoral register and not at my previous one. They sneakily wrote to the old address so as to win by default. I have a very good idea who this, but it doesn't show on my credit file, just a claim number. I am guessing here but I think it may be a debt collector who has been harassing me for years over this alleged debt It was to Orange for a mobile contract which I had never has. ( I was the victim of ID fraud and they did other things too ). Despite many, many letters asking them for proof like the Deed of Assignment, Deed of Novation and a contract that proves I am the debtor and responsible, they have ignored me. To then sue me using an old address when they only wrote again only yesterday to my current one, I find this extremely bad practice that flies in the face of all the guidelines on debt collections. This is just spite of their behalf, nothing more. Today I wrote to that Mickey Mouse court called Northampton business centre where no judge ever sets foot and asked for the judgement to be set aside as I have not been notified and I have been denied my right to defend myself. Also I issued a counterclaim for a considerable sum as set down by a judge in a similar situation where PC World sued a man over a computer and filed an inaccurate and untruth report on his credit file. Now what will happen? Will my set aside be successful as it really is a bit cheeky to sue somebody deliberately using an old address so that you win by default. This smacks of a certain debt collector who we are all familiar with on this forum.
  11. All your credit score means is that you are reliable in borrowing money and paying it back over a long period of time....plus substantial interest. If you are not wanting a mortgage, then there is really no need to borrow money... at all. Over the years, I have learned that my credit score has never risen much beyond poor. I have borrowed money from credit unions which I have paid back without fail. I finally managed to open a basic bank account with the Nationwide which provides me with a Visa debit card. If I were you, I would stop worrying about your credit score because you could end up over-extending yourself in borrowings. As for United Utilities: I am in a similar situation with Anglia Water where they have placed two defaults on my credit file for alleged water debts. They refuse to tell me where they got my details from, so that is a clear breach of the Data Protection Act. They have failed to provide me with a contract or even a ' deemed ' contract. What you have to remember is that no third party can bind another in a contract. With the help of the Information Commissioners Office, I am challenging these entries. I'll keep you informed if you like. The defaults on your credit file I would go about getting removed, are those that don't drop off until 2022. Anything over 1 year is usually ignored depending on the type of debt, and certainly those over 3 years old are disregarded.
  12. Thank you Ford for your reply. I was very upfront with Barclays bank and told them everything. The manager assured me that I would be given a basic bank account, if nothing else. They send me account log in details, and account and sort code twice and then rescinded it. Not nice. I have asked them to compensate me for my time, broken appointments and breach of contract. Their first offer was £25 to go into the account for failing to turn up at a meeting. I've rejected this and asked for more. I'm a better credit risk than my file suggests, having had 3 loans from the credit union totalling £5,000 and never missed a payment or paid a minute late. That is not reported though.
  13. Thank you to all those who took time to reply. I shall try Virgin to see if I can get any joy there. There are two current defaults on my file, both for the water bill, and both disputed. I am not bankrupt, have no CCJ's, but I am not on the electoral register as I have just moved house. My credit score is 540 according to Experian. It says poor, but I really don't care as I am not asking for credit in any shape or form, just a humble, little bank account with a debit card for the odd shop. Jeez, is that too much to ask for in the 21st century? Why are high street banks being so picky when we know they are bankrupt without the taxpayers handouts?
  14. The first thing you must do, and do this within 28 days, is to notify Northampton County Court of your intention to defend this claim. Then pop along to the site where the alleged infringement took place, and photo any signs that show the time of operation of the bus lanes. You need to build a case against the council, so request photographic evidence of the driver of the car. You may only be the registered keeper, and not driving it that day. You are asking the council to prove their allegation at every step of the way. When you have gathered all this information together, you then send it to Northampton as your defence. They will pass this onto Harrow Council. Also state on your defence that you want this transferring to your local county court, not Northampton. That is not a proper court, it is nothing more than a rubber stamping office. Keep a record of your time and costs. You can claim £18 an hour for research and defending this vexatious claim. The burden of proof rests soley with Harrow Council. It wouldn't hurt to ask Harrow for all information they have on this alleged offence, including any previous letters they claim they have sent. They can't do nothing and then go straight to Northampton.
  15. No, the banks involved wouldn't say why they refused the account. What I suspect the reason is I was credit scored and didn't reach the required number to be offered an account. I don't want to keep applying because that damages your credit rating even further. This creates a catch 22 situation. What does disturb me about how modern banks work, is their total reliance on a computer instead of somebody having the intelligence to consider the full picture. Barclays refused to do this, so they can go etc etc. The Government forced basic bank accounts onto them because they were discriminating against certain sections of society, They still are. They would not even offer a basic account and see how I ran it for 6 months. That is a possibility, but I don't know how much I will receive yet. My main concern is that with the savings I have in the credit union, I will breach the £20K limit. The alternative is to open another credit union account elsewhere to the current one, or open a savings account. Credit Unions do not accept cheques in any other currency other than sterling. They are getting better, but still do not offer the full access like a mainstream bank does. My problems started when I lost my job due to ill health. I live on benefits now and manage to save as I never go anywhere, I can't. High Street banks don't want customers with savings, they want those who constantly borrow so they can fleece them in charges that would make a loan shark blush.
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