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  1. Thanks for your reply, which is just as I expected really. The charger only cost £10.90 to replace, and we didn't really expect a refund. It was mainly Littlewood's attitude in the e-mail that that we thought was wrong, although they did say that bit was the charger, not the laptop itself, was classed as a consumable part, and only carried a six month guarantee.
  2. In August last year, my wife purchased an Asus netbook as a Christmas present for our Granddaughter. In August this year the charger would no longer work. We purchased a new charger, and contacted Littlewoods, explaining that although it was purchased in August, it was not used before Christmas day. My wife has since received an E-mail stating that a laptop charger is classed as a consumable part and therefore only has a six month warranty, and as this item was 12 months old when reported faulty we would not be able to reimburse you any costs. We did not really expe
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