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  1. Full height-sorry. I have considered installing it to maintain good relationships, however financially I'm still trying to find my feet. I've been reading on the web about tenants in similar situations who have decided to pay for the costs of installation- is this allowed? Many thanks for your answer
  2. I bought a new home and rented it out approx 6 months ago. The backgarden has a 'kind-of' picket fence which isn't vey high and in not very good condition with a few panels missing. (this fence is on the left hand side- so mine) Apart from the fence on the right hand the side, the majority of the houses in the row do not have full length fences we can see across a number of gardens on the left hand side if in the garden. the garden itself was a right mess. It was full of weeds - before renting out the house we cleared the garden The tenant viewed the property before having renting it - yesterday my tenant phoned and said she doesn't feel it is safe to let out her young children out into the garden due to the small fence and older children/ young adults using the gardens on the left. she has requested we put in a full length fence - AND clear out the weeds from the garden for her. what i would like to know is that whether installing a new fence is my responsibility? or is maintenance of it mine (can i just replace the missing panels- though ofcourse it won't solve my tenants problem). and what about clearing out the garden? i would appreciate it if you could provide some advice for me many thanks for your help
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