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  1. Thankyou for flagging the thread I honestly cannot remember as I was so nervous. I believe so. The case was adjourned allowing them more time is what I do remember. I received this letter shortly (hand typed not photocopied) - xx = redacted. Points one and two confuse the hell out of me! If they have until the 17th to file the evidence they should have had first time around how can I be expected to reply to that three days in the past! No follow up yet as I didn't want them to hurry up enough to give Lowells an early Christmas present. Should I issue a follow up letter? They are in default by around 30 days (over the 40)
  2. Yes they came to court with nothing at all. They lied and said they had sent me 20+ letters, notice of default, statement of account yet they couldn't produce this 'statement of account'. (CCA REQUEST), or indeed anything. All this and the debt was a serious and substantiated dispute in great detail (DJ words). Now I have to file a response (with a further court case hearing next year) by the end of the week to these low life maggots yet I have not heard anything back after the adjournment. What should my response be? Is there any reason why I have to file a response before Lowells (they have an extra three days on my response). If the case was adjourned allowing Lowells more time, does that evidence, if they find any, have to be in my possession before my response? It would make a response a little boring if I have nothing new to say at all. Which at the moment I do not. Can lowells appear at the new hearing with new evidence after the time frame given by the DJ? If so I guess it makes a mockery of any time constraints placed on them. Lowells are still in summary criminal offense with my original CCA request (no statement of account, no figures showing what I am alleged to owe) and Shop Direct have had around 60 days and counting to produce my SAR evidence. Lowells are claiming that Shop Direct have the information they need yet my SAR request was in default before they got the adjournment. It just beggars belief how a court can give them more time to find the information they were obliged to have before they initiate court proceedings like a SD! Help with the response please. You guys are a lifeline, on my own I would have never gone this far.
  3. Well had the hearing where the judge blasted Lowells for not having the correct paperwork (statement of account/indeed ANYTHING!). I was awarded part costs. The judge however allowed them EVEN MORE TIME to find the paperwork and adjourned the case! This sounds like a small victory but not exactly what I wanted. Any clues if this is terrible? Also the judge claimed SHOP DIRECT could sell the debt even though the account was in serious dispute. The judge acknowledged the case was in serious dispute so I do not know why they allowed them more time to find paperwork from a failed CCA request and SAR. A Stat demand is not for disputed cases I thought. They cannot even show me the statement of account they claimed to have sent me previously (yeah right - where is it then?) The lawyer tried to accost me before the hearing and I told them kindly to wait for the hearing. "OK IF THATS HOW YOU WANT TO PLAY IT" was the response. How can these scumbags do a STAT DEMAND and yet not even have the most basic of paperwork available! (And get given an extension!). They are already in breach of a CCA! All I ever wanted was the correct figure which I would have paid, thats why it was disputed originally towards Shop Direct and there response was to sell it to these ball bags who go THIS route. Please, anyone feel free to comment! I feel a little depressed about it all really.
  4. So in a worse case scenario if I do not get it set-aside. Am I in for loads of costs? Also what happens if I do lose as in terms of how quick they can ask for the money? Do they go for bankruptcy?
  5. It seems very easy to bypass the 'true copy of the agreement' if all they need to do is print off a template with the terms and conditions for that month and year, and thats proof an agreement exists. I know littlewoods normally ask you to return a signed copy. Oh well, thats one of my disputes shot down then, hope the others are as solid.
  6. I have blocked out my name and address (typed) for security. The interest would be 0% unless you took other terms when you purchase separate extended terms I believe.
  7. Today Hamptons, Lowells friends claimed they have sent me a copy of the agreement. I think its almost laughable for obvious reasons but let me know what you guys think. http://i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/cca2006_zps29ea3924.jpg
  8. Thanks for that, I have taken a look at the thread but would like a few points clearing up. Ok, so I send in the costs seven days before the hearing. Is the template on that thread the one you use to send into the court by hand? Is that enough? Do I send a copy to the solicitors of BG LEGAL/LOWELLS? Do I need to attach receipts? Do NOT want to mess this up, they deserve having costs awarded against them and I do not want to screw up. Sorry if I appear a little dumb but this is completely new to me! THE TEMPLATE (Obviously I will edit closer to the date) After this OFT and all.
  9. Oh and I have not received any word about my CCA request, not even a nice letter telling me they received the request. The 12+2 has expired.
  10. I have now sent in all the paperwork, I just hope I did it correctly. It has been sent to the court by hand and was stamped, just waiting for a date now. How do I go about costs on the day? Any other info that would be helpful taking this case on? What to say etc? Will the lowlifes turn up usually? After this I am reporting them to all and sundry No credit agreement or basic paperwork and they are issuing stat demands to people!
  11. Perhaps I could have worded that better. As I understand if they know they have not got the credit agreement as I have never signed one and they now have a request, why would they even proceed? Surely they know this would form part of the defence, which to me seems absolute. Yes I will use all of my defence and I will be claiming costs and reporting them.
  12. Sorry, never filled out a court document in 38 years! I'll let you know how I get on, still no reply to cca request. Is it an automatic win if they fail? Cheers
  13. Hello all, can anyone help with the above two questions as I am a little worried as the court case is time limited Many thanks in advance!
  14. Also 6.4 asks for a date and time, is this the time I complete or the time I want it to be decided? If the latter, is that a date AFTER the 18 days?
  15. Thankyou! I have enough time to wait for the CCA request to fail before I fill this out, should I? I also note that on my credit report the littlewoods debt is marked as settled with lowells defaulting me in the end of 2011 (maybe when they purchased the debt) with just one month marked as DEFAULT. The original account was defaulted in 2007. Obviously they are hoping to roll forward the default so it does not become statute barred next year.
  16. Exactly, if they are not going to go 'all the way' they should not have started proceedings. Take them to the cleaners, report them to all you can.
  17. Okies, here we go. Sorry I am unable to hyperlink these but it's a forum restriction of ten posts and I am not one to just post junk to circumvent rules. Just do a copy and paste job into your browser of choice. FIRST PAGE OF WHOLE DOCUMENT i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/89b1b6fe.jpg LETTER TO STAFF (Some may find interesting, but has no real purpose to this) i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/03d21e40.jpg COVERING LETTER i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/281b72e2.jpg COVERING LETTER (CONT) i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/9019ff27.jpg PAGE 1 i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/15fcd587.jpg PAGE 2 i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/155fbefe.jpg PAGE 3 i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/f0edb166.jpg PAGE 4 i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/e0c967e3.jpg I have nothing else, in order, that was the whole thing (redacted obviously) that I was given. Tasks done so far Sent off a CCA to Lowells and BG LEGAL (DCA) Sent off a SAR to Littlewoods (Shop Direct) Smashing job, thank you for all help!
  18. When I get back I will post up everything I have Yes I would love if you could help me with the witness statement!
  19. The last page is just information with no details, I can scan up that if you wish, it is no problem whatsoever. Just getting the hang of using the site
  20. i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/15fcd587.jpg i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/155fbefe.jpg i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r552/Floydiansfiles/f0edb166.jpg hopefully...... (unable to post links - post count less that ten. If you can edit the post for me or grant me access it would be grand.
  21. Here you go, anything you need to know that has been redacted let me know. Its interesting that the default date has moved forward to 2011 when it should be no later than 2009. I think what you were looking at is on page two. Edit - Not sure why the size of file has dropped
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