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  1. Thanks for that Stigman - I think that was the worst thing about it - being ambushed by a phone call saying I owed them money that had to be repaid immediately - but with no paperwork or evidence to back it up arriving until today it's been an anxious few days and weekend.
  2. Thank you! Have just printed the letter and will be sending it off tomorrow! The address given on the headed paper is a PO Box number - should I be sending it to that or to the company registered address?
  3. Hi, I received a mobile phone call out of the blue last Wednesday asking if I was me and giving very old addresses as contacts. After asking some questions they said they had bought my student loan debt and demanding payment of several thousand pounds. I was told I had 21 days to pay them - with no option of a payment plan or anything. When I questioned why I had not heard from the Student Loan Company for about ten years and now was getting a phone call out of the blue they advised they had only just managed to track me down. They offered very little information about who they were other than basic information. They did not even offer there company name. I seem to remember they asked me for my address to send a letter to and looking back I don't believe that had my address. They also advised that contacting the student loans company would not achieve anything and they would transfer me straight back to them. I did take out a student loan back in 95-97 and due to the amount I was earning after I graduated, I deferred it for a couple of years. Around 1999-2000 I did not receive my deferral letter and over a period of 6 months went backwards and forwards with the SLC to try and get them to send me a deferral form. I provided them with an alternative contact of my parents address during this time but nothing seemed to work so I gave up and stopped contacting them. I received no further contact either via phone or post and neither did my parents. I have been at my current address for seven years and have never been contacted by anyone about the Student Loan until last week. In a stress I called the SLC the next morning who confirmed they had sold my debt on, confirming the amount and that I owned no more than I was told on the phone. Today I have received a notice of debt collection services letter from Link Financial Outsourcing but it is single page of A4 with some references but no paperwork or evidence to back it up. Unfortunately I also have no paperwork as it has been lost in a number of house moves and having had no contact for so many years. Having read some of the threads on your forum I think this debt might be statue barred - do you think I have a case and what do you advise I do next? I'm sorry this post is so long and thank you in advance for any help and advice you can give.
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