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  1. Hi forms have been sent letter states I have failed to contact them! I have rang them twice no one's rang back. I work nights so impossible. Letter is headed action before court ! Threats again saying they will fine or imprison! Shocking way to treat people
  2. Hi guys I've never claimed a penny in benefits. I work a little which is min wage just enough to pay for food and rent. Sorry not been online much due to my illness. I did fill the forms out as advised and whatever didn't apply I put n/a The debt was for 'council tax' which is at £7000 at present. I have just seen a letter from them with the words DO NOT IGNORE - action before court ! I honestly do not understand what they think they will achieve by this harassment. The money I do not have its simple if i did it would have been paid. Can anyone advise they are obviously taking me to court now? Maybe for a BRO or worse arrest warrant? I haven't opened the letter yet too scared if I'm honest
  3. Hi Many thanks for the replies . Only issue u had was most of the forms will be empty as I don't even have a bank account. I tend to use cash call me old fashioned. I don't trust them. I'll send off the forms and see what they say next. I wanted to hear from anyone who has dealt with a trustee? Can they force me to leave my current home ie to downsize? I'm in rented accommodation I have mentioned already to my landlord and he's willing to let me stay as long as I don't default on rent so the council making me bankrupt won't effect that.
  4. Hi I have been declared bankrupt by my local council. I have simply zero assets no bank accounts. Trustee have sent me forms to fill they are saying it's a criminal offence not to fill these and at the same time want me to sign a declaration to the bankruptcy act saying I understand if I don't give them what they info they want they can have me arrested! I'd really appreciate some advice on this matter Thanking you
  5. Really, so they can find out employer details from NI number I take it? At present im self employed so not sure what they can or cant do. The council did ask me a while back for my bank and employer details which i didnt send in.
  6. Thanks for that, giving them the figures of income and outgoings isnt difficult. Is there a specfic format they need this info in? Also if there is no legal requirement and I have obviously worked out what i can afford why ask for it? Has anyone here had any experience of this? Thanks
  7. Hi all Was hoping someone can offer alittle advice. Been unable to pay my CT due to lack of work. Had letters now from scot n co that they are going to arrest my wage and bank. I have tried ringing them but they are quite rude and not very professional. I have now decided only to deal with them by post. I have offered to pay them £60 per mth for a £1560 debt but they have now wrote back asking me for a breakdown of my expenses? My question is can they demand my bank statements and wage slips? I find it quite odd as I asked them for a breakdown and all i got was one figure with the period Thanks
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